Schiaparelli awarded “Haute Couture”

Fashion News : Schiaparelli is now “Haute Couture” 

It is a good news for the Maison Schiaparelli. They finally have been awarded with the official Haute Couture label by the French Ministry of Industry and the French Couture Federation.

Schiaparelli is a famous and old fashion brand. Elsa Schiaparelli creates her very own sweater in 1927, and knows success shortly after. Vogue, by then, qualified it a masterpiece. So Schiaparelli  has been around for ages, it is only fair that they finally have their Haute Couture label.

Celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, the house of Schiaparelli recovers the official Haute Couture label that had disappeared when its namesake founder decided to close her couture house in 1954 in order to write her autobiography Shocking Life.

Schiaparelli has been back to 21 place Vendôme since it re-opened, the very place where Elsa Schiaparelli had left it. Today Schiaparelli’s unique spirit of Haute Couture merging art, innovation, craftsmanship, quality and audacity enters a new chapter of its story.

I will leave you with those wonderful pieces of their Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer 2017.


I am really glad they finally got this Haute Couture label. Their collection is incredible ! Know more right here.


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