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February is all about red. Other than Valentine’s, there’s also Chinese New Year where you can play around with this statement-making colour. Why? Because in Chinese beliefs, red symbolise luck, prosperity, joy and all kind of good quality you would love to have in your coming year. For those of you who are not sure how to pull this colour off, Style Cartel is the perfect place for you! Here they are, the 5 smart ways to wear red by fashion bloggers/stylists. Check them out and you might find your next favourite colours!

A Drop of Red: A slow but steady start

Red heels are always the best and easiest way to rock the red while looking stylish. Here, @Savoirsam luxuriously matched it with a white outfit and sexy red nail polish.

#wlpwt #ootd #weekendcheoks

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For a more street vibe, @Rekadrienn paired her 70’s inspired ankle boots with a black leather jacket. A great mix&match to rock this trend!

If you are not a heel kind of person, check out this great choice from @Chrisellelim : A sleek matching co-ordinates with a fine cut red hem accentuating the slimming pattern.

My @eliesaabworld couture experience on #thechrisellefactor today ??

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Red meets jeans: what can possibly go wrong with jeans?

A casual cool girl look from @simpleteee matching maroon leather jacket with ripped jeans.

Chicken biryani.

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Want to have some fun? Isn’t this look from @Blaireadiebee just adorable?

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Red and Black: The classic rock

@Soniafrancex and @Samiraradmehr showed us how to rock this classic combination.

Not as warm as it looks ❤️ #weekendready

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Red Lover: All Red!

Here it is, @Yanafisti matched her statement-making red coat with a pair of comfy white sneakers, an easy path for a classy look! Photo by @evgenyfist

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Model @Ireneisgood just showed us how to wear a red slip without looking ‘too sexy’. My all time favourite!

@rag_bone slip dress + mom's @sportmax coat from the 90's ✌?️ #ireneisseoul

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Colours Splash: Red and its squad

Well, if wearing red is not your thing, maybe forget about it as one single colour. Here it is @Yanafisti perfectly match red, pink and purple together without any awkwardness. Interestingly they are all warm tone colours. Another great tricks 😉

Посмотрели вчера "Страшные сказки", оОочень неоднозначные впечатления.? Исключительно красивый фильм, логики никакой и держал с первой и до последней минуты.? Как в привычном понимании "фильм", наверно – нет, как вид искусства, вдохновляющий и временами страшный – определенно да. Будет время, устройте себе арт-просмотр!?? P.S. #lookoftheday Модное этой зимой сочетание ❤️+?, и утепленное пальто с очень нежным цветом @fashion_confession. ?? // We watched "Tale of Tales" yesterday, very mixed feelings about it. It's an incredibly beautiful movie with no logic and it keeps you in suspense from first till the very last minute. I wouldn't say this is a movie in its classic understanding, but it is definitely an inspiring and at times scary kind of art. #ЯнаФисти #YanaFisti #streetlook #streetstyle

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So here they are, my selection of 5 smart ways to wear red this season. What’s yours?

Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong

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