Rihanna Vogue Arabia Cover: Can We Talk About This?

Rihanna Vogue Arabia Cover: Backlash

No you know we are big Bad Girl Riri fans.  When the cover images started to surface and the internet starts to buzz.  I had to take a minute to marinate on this Cover work of art.  Rihanna Vogue Arabia Cover: hell yes, there is no stopping the songstress.

Rihanna Vogue Arabia Cover: Can We Talk About This?

Rihanna’s adoration for Queen Nefertiti, one of Ancient Egypt’s most celebrated figures is marked by a tattoo of her and inspired the cover shoot.   Shot by Greg Kadel. Ruling in Ancient Egypt next to Pharaoh Akhenaten almost 3,500 years ago.  Nefertiti is still one of the most beloved icons from the Middle East.

Known for her unmatched beauty, the queen had a very active role in the country’s political sphere, giving mankind an early lesson in women empowerment. Although her death is still shrouded in mystery.  The myth of Nefertiti took on a new dimension at the beginning of the 20th century when German Egyptologist Ludwig Borchardt and his team discovered a painted limestone bust of the royal in Amarna. It was found in the ruins of a workshop of court sculptor Thutmose, and was described by Borchardt as “the alive Egyptian artwork.”


Sound like they are talking about Riri!


Rihanna Vogue Arabia Cover: Can We Talk About This?

Styling: Anya Ziourova

Dressed in Gucci

Rihanna is among the many creatives, from fashion designers to performers, who continue to find inspiration in this figure, whose name means “a beautiful woman has come”. Extremely involved creatively in all her ventures, from multi-award-winning albums to collaborations with Chopard and Puma, Rihanna felt at ease with the pharaonic concept, also proving again that she is one of the fashion’s most adventurous risk-takers.

Manuel Arnaut, Editor of Vogue Arabia commented:


“We are dedicating the issue to strong and dynamic women who are changing the world. Rihanna, our cover star, is one of them. Not only is she one of the most successful pop icons ever, shaping the entertainment industry with her powerful tunes and unique sense of style, she is also an advocate for diversity… With a crown designed by Faeth Millinery, Rihanna pays homage to this unforgettable queen, who still reigns as one of Ancient Egypt’s most celebrated figures.”



Rihanna X Queen Nefertiti

Rihanna Vogue Arabia Cover

Then wait for the hate and negative comments came.  Who could say bad things about Riri? Rihanna faces backlash for new Vogue Arabia cover – Business Insider.  Really ya’ll. The singer is being criticized for the cultural appropriation of Egyptian culture by channeling Queen Nefertiti on the November issue.

Many on Twitter felt that the publication should’ve used a model of Egyptian or Arab descent instead. This isn’t the first time that Vogue Arabia’s cover star has come under fire. Gigi and Bella Hadid were criticized earlier this year, while Kendall Jenner faced backlash for her Vogue India cover as well.

Rihanna Vogue Arabia Cover: Can We Talk About This?

Neither Vogue Arabia or Rihanna have responded. Good and they shouldn’t. Why can’t she be Queen Nefertiti? She is one of the biggest stars today with talent and a business mind.  Sounds like a present-day Queen to me.

Rihanna is also a woman young ladies and women can relate too. All around the world. I have to give it to the Arab world’s covers lately.  They have been championing women of all shades in their latest cover stories.    Like the Harper’s Bazaar Arabia September Issue.


They have embraced diversity and culture.  Arab women come in hues just like the earth and it’s about time we see more WOC on covers usually slated for paler skinned stars and models.  Gawan Rihanna, continue to slay and spread that ‘ Black Girl Magic.’

 Rule your kingdom and change the fashion game.  This cover is groundbreaking and history. Don’t you think there are bigger issues to get your panties in a bounce over?  Then a black girl portraying a  powerful Queen of Egypt?

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