RI2K Affordable Luxury Handbags for a City Girl Like Me

Accessory Saturday: RI2K Luxury Handbags 


Time to shop for new handbags! On my radar at the moment is the RI2K Affordable Luxury Handbags for a City Girl like me. This Fall I went on the hunt for affordable everyday bags.  Sometimes I need a large bag when I have important meetings.  Which can fit everything, but it has to look chic.  And sometimes I want a small handbag big enough for your mobile, keys, credit cards and lip gloss. 


RI2K was launched by English fashion designer John Richmond in the year 2000 with its distinctive brand name derived from John Richmond’s first accessory collection – Richmond 2000. The designer normally shows his runway collections in Milan.  They always have a little rock and roll twist to them. His handbag collection is no different. Which drew me to the collection.

RI2KHandbags for a City Girl Like Me

RI2K Affordable Luxury Handbags for a City Girl Like Me

I wear a lot of black and am looking for a new job.  I needed a handbag that could go with everything and impress a potential boss in an interview.  The STARLINE SATCHEL in gray was precisely what I needed.  Easy to carry fit copies of my resume, keys tablet, and makeup case inside.

 This handbag can also we be worn as a cross body or on the shoulder.  It is very fragile so my advice is not to stuff it with heavy items if you want it to last the test of time.  Handmade by skilled artisans using the finest materials and original manufacturing methods passed down through the ages.

RI2K Affordable Luxury Handbags for a City Girl Like Me

Each bag is uniquely constructed from luxury top grain leathers combined with quality, bespoke hardware.  Each hide is exclusively tanned and RI2K ensures care is taken to conform to ethical and social standards throughout the whole process.  The leathers are butter soft and easy to clean if you get a little raindrop on them.  


Another one of my favorites from the collection is another crossbody.  I think a crossbody is ideal when you commute on the tube or metro. These days’ trains are overcrowded and women take up a lot of space with big bags during rush hour.

RI2K Affordable Luxury Handbags for a City Girl Like Me

That’s why I think a body bag like the MADELINE CROSSBODY IN Light Blue is perfect for a woman like me.  Who is on the go.  This handbag takes me from dinner to the party.  I adore the soft leather and how lightweight this bit of shoulder candy is. It has actually turned into my everyday bag.  I have let go of carrying my entire life with me every day.



RI2K Affordable Luxury Handbags for a City Girl Like Me

This compact handbag has taught me I only need my keys, travel card, phone, and maybe lipgloss and chapstick. The cross body bag has a long enough chain, so it does not make my boobs look weird. LOL And it falls low enough that you can feel comfortable walking around the city.

The RI2K handbag collection is great gift ideas for the holiday season that won’t break the bank.  I have a lot of teenager nieces who like fashion. The collection of bags are also great starter bags for young women.


Hair/Makeup/Photo By Sergio Corvacho

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