Restival In London My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

Restival My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

Since the new year, I have been on the road to recovery and part of that is taking care of my mind body and soul. In March I joined Restival In London for a  Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness. You may be aware of Restival, well-known for its curated experiences.  If not let me give you the rundown of my winsome experience. 

Restival In London My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

They invited me to a weekend of spiritually, that included music,  dance, wellness and wisdom.  The event was held at an amazing location in West London last March. Guests were invited to come and recharge their batteries, whilst learning the wise ways of the Navajo.

Restival In London My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

I am a person of the North American Land, so I was ready to enjoy myself and relax with my people.

Restival In London My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

 I was elated to have their hands and spirits on me. Experts from the world of wellness co-created this weekend residency at newly-opened Re: Centre in Hammersmith, including the celebrated author and astrologer, Shelley von Strunckel – a voice of reason and authority in the often confusing fields of Spirituality and Astrology.  Together, they curated two days of wellness and cultural experiences, including traditional Navajo bodywork, performances, world music and workshops.   

Wellness Wednesday with Restival


Restival In London My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

Caroline says, “This is the first time that The Benally Family has performed in London and we are honoured to bring Restival’s unique combination of wellness & native wisdom to life in this brand new location.”


The morning commenced with a short talk from our host Andres Rodriguez from The Meditation Room.  This is followed by a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice from Mollie Mendoza accompanied by Sam Garrett on guitar.   How did they know that I need to strength and release? Afterwards, I was feeling energized and I was ready to meditate.

Restival In London My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

We closed the morning with a Scent and Sound experience by Leo Cosendai (Gong Master) and Sara Ramazangolu (Aromatherapist), leaving us blissed out and smiling.  Sara walked around the room and blessed us by burning sage and blessing us with natural oils.  This calmed all of our souls and got rid of all the bad energy we might have had around us. You could feel the love in the air after.

Restival In London My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

After we were served a  vegetarian lunch from Soulmate Food, who also provided healthy drinks. It was delicious and kept to my plant-based life I am trying to lead.  I have to admit I do have my cheat days, but today was not one of them.

Restival In London My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

The lunch was tasty and all veggies!

In the afternoon, we heard the Modern Day Elder, Shelley Von Strunckel talk about entering the Age of Aquarius and how to cope with the ever-changing world.  I was elated that she was one of the speakers.  I have been hearing about the Age of Aquarius and us returning to it.  We have not been here since the 60’s. You might ask what this means?  To me happiness.   The earth will return to consciousness and peace. ” Positive thinking is your ‘ Super Power.'”


After  I was whizzed off to my first Reiki treatment.  Since my brutal mugging in January everyone told me that I need to have one.  My session was a Reiki Energy Healing with Mollie Mendoza – Re-Set and Re-Connect.  My day was almost complete holistic healing is what I live for.

A Reiki Energy Healing is a  deep cleanse to introduce the energetic, emotional, and physical body to this new spring season, in celebration of Spring Equinox. Reiki is an ancient Japanese art of energy healing and cleansing, using techniques which shift and offer Ki (life force energy) through connection with Rei (a higher power.) This session is specifically designed to invite space into the whole body, as well initiate a clearing of any stagnant energy which has arisen throughout this winter period. Her intention is to offer a space to transition and blossom into spring with a fresh perspective, and a spacious presence. A Reiki session lasts for 35 minutes and costs £60.

For me, it was an outer body experience, which I found out was normal.  I felt that I was levitating.   I also awake after falling into a deep sleep that everything was gone. It helped me with my PTSD, and accept that my body shut down the trama.

Restival In London My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

We then went back in time with Clayson Benally, a famous horseman from the Navajo Family, whose talks on Traditional Navajo Way and the origins of the Native American tribe is a fascinating insight into an ancient culture.   We looked at a piece of corn and learned we are like corn all different colours but from the same tribe, human.  Our tasks were to show the love by going up to our soulmates in the day of healing by not speaking to each other just greeting each other with the eyes, hugs and love.

Restival In London My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

The highlight for me was the dancing we did together with Clayson and his dad. We celebrated spring and life, it was magical. At the end of the day, we concluded with a traditional Navajo prayer.

After meeting them I felt like family. They share with you their culture and wisdom. Which resonated with me.  It was gratifying to be so far from home in a room with people that looked like my own family members.

Restival In London My Weekend Of Wisdom & Wellness

Sanchia Legister and Charlie Dark, founder of the legendary Run Dem Crew bring proceedings to a close with a London Wellness Chill Out.  With another yoga session.  Yoga twice in one day sent me on my own spiritual healing.  I was so chilled out I must have been dancing down the streets of London and fly back to Paris on my Eurostar train.  I had a new outlook on life and ready to continue my journey of living a more spiritual life. I was delighted to have been able to soak all of this in.


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