Restaurant Hotspot Paris : P-7


S & C, here we are, 

back in Paris, our marvellous city!


Yes, vacations are over and my body & soul are still hooked up with Italia…

And So what ? Life is going on, so we just need to readapt smoothly to ours fast-city-lifes…

What is better than having a cool walk along the Seine in the new & modern chilling area sitting between the Bibliothèque (line 14) and the the Hipstry green Wanderlust @ Gare d’Austerlitz (Line 5) ?


Tourists don’t know that place!

This is in the thirteenth arrondissement, a neighbourhood on the left bank of south-east Paris, bordered by the Seine.

NO! This is not Edith Piaf’s Paris. Many factories used to be there, but have been closed, destroyed or rehabilitated into Universities, Design Institutes or Start-up pools. The whole area is brand new and still under construction.

This is post-industrial architecture. Then, you can imagine how steel, glass and wood try to hide without forgetting the industrial DNA of the place… 

So we’re still walking on the banks, getting the vibrations of the surrounding and stay pretty attentive to the place we’re about to choose for a drink.


There is a Berliner vibe in the air. No comparisons for sure with the European hipster capital but a kind of new wave fragrance is coming over Paris je t’aime.

Just try to picture it : Paris, sunset, summer, post-industrial area and bunch of students, artists, , young people or couples chilling out on the docks for the “aperitif” hour. Beer, Baguette and Saucisson help them to connect to eachother. This is real life, this is real Paris.


Many Barges, all with different style or colour, are docked and used as restaurants, concert place or clubbing. Le Batofar (The big lighthouse red boat / is the oldest and an institution for every electronic music addict. Each of them have their own Snack-Brasserie-Terrasse where you can let yourself fall in a deckchair and just “KIFFER*” (* enjoy in Parisian slang) !
If you don’t, just go relaxing your nervous body at the floatting swimming pool opened until noon (


On the dock we are. Thirsty she is and starved I am.

We have to decide. But the best smell of BBQ, beef and sausage did it for us. Yummy ! It leads us to a very pleasant terrasse with a elevated chair and table sitting just front of “les petits bains” yellow-green cultural barge ( The place is called the P7. There, the service is a smile cartel lighted by the rainbow colours of the lamps. The menu is nothing very sophisticated but perfect for 2 gourmands , looking for delicious rustic food!

Mixed grilled plates, big German sausages, or meat skewers come with French fries and salad.

The meat is really good, tasty and well cooked.

This is simple food with generous portions. Maman, I feel like home :)))


So Yes ! The S & C team gives their special mention to the P7, Thomas, its manager, and his  sympathic team.

Good food, Great location and above all a good vibes’ service !


We’ll come again soon. But you guys better hurry up, it’ll be closed end of September !

 The time has flown tonight, it’s late and tomorrow is a working day…


Alors Bonne Nuit les petits !




Charli & Shari


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