Resort 2019 Beauty Trend Previews

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Resort Beauty Trend Previews

The overall consensus is that fall and winter brings us gloom and doom. The gloom and doom, which obviously is not literal, is just an overall sense of it. After spending months with rain and snow, dark and early days, bundled up with layers upon layers there is that beacon of hope. That glimmer of life is what is known as spring.


Glorious spring. Spring is always a sign of reflection, rejuvenation, renewal and growth. Spring is the sign that days ahead will become longer, the sun warmer and brighter, the plants around us greener and the birds return. There are many ways to get ready for spring and Simplymaid is the perfect way to prepare for those seasonal changes. Because everyone knows ‘spring cleaning’ is necessary (however not limited to seasons)!


Just as the change of season causes weather changes, it also translates to fashion and beauty changes. Clothes become lighter in material and color while beauty becomes natural, fresh and vibrant. As we are always a season ahead, with the showing of Resort 2019, we get a sneak peek at the upcoming trends that are sure to stand out.

Charlotte Olympia RTW Fall 2016: Backstage Beauty Mode Hunter

Bandana Boom


Who has time to fuss with your hair when you are constantly on the go? Silk bandanas were on full frontal display at all the major shows giving you ample options to select from. A trend that can be both dressed up and down, the most stylish way is to pay homage in classic Jackie-O fashion with gold hoops and your most standout sunglasses.


Bold Blue


Blue is the color! Whether it is matte navy blue or a bold sapphire, blue eyeliner is the gift that keeps on giving. Blue liner can be matte winged or cool graphic swipes, as a punch of color, or you can make it a monochromatic look matching your outfit for even more cool points




Gloss it up. This glam look is the definition of what spring stands for; fresh, subdued, natural and neutral. This look is all about keeping it simple and clean. To achieve this look start with clean, clear skin. The gloss look consists of dewey makeup with ample clear gloss on the eyelids and lips, topped off with gobbles of mascara.

Backstage Beauty Daks Fall 2016

Smokey Eye


The smokey eye part deux. This upcoming summer smokey eye 2.0 can be smudgy, smoky, or graphics. No matter which style you go with, you will look effortlessly chic and glamorous. The smokey eye will be your go-to for your nights out.


These 4 resort trends are a precursor to Spring 2019 which will come back around before we all know it. Spring and beauty are forever synonymous with fresh and new. Just as the nature around us, our appearance can ultimately be a reflection of how we feel on the inside. Refreshing our appearance refreshes our energy and spirit. Refreshing our look ultimately rejuvenates us. Always remember the saying, “When you look good, you feel good.” Understand that you don’t have to try all hair and makeup trends all at once. Pick one and go from there. You can start with subtle changes and gradually build up over time, letting your style evolve.


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