Renner Menezes The  Brazilian Hairstylist of Westbourne Grove London

by Charlotte Smith
Renner Menezes The  Brazilian Hairstylist of Westbourne Grove

Renner Menezes Where Black Hair is Beautiful 

On my journey of finding my much-adored neighborhoods in London, my feet always find their way to  Westbourne Grove. Maybe it’s the mix of culture or all the French people, but today we are here to visit Renner Menezes The  Brazilian Hairstylist of Westbourne Grove.  It’s time to get ready for Fall with a fresh colour and maybe a cut. 

I have a lot of amour for this neighborhood because of the tropical vibe of the inhabitants, the houses and architecture.  Now my new found gem is  Renner Menezes The  Brazilian Hairstylist.  Finally, someone who understands my hair because it is difficult. 

My mixed race hair has so many textures and elements,  and of course this summer I damaged it.  My assignment was to find a place in Westbourne Grove to get a cut and color to save my hair, I thought.   After sitting in Renner’s chair I found out he had a different plan for my hair.

I am used to hairdressers who are scissor happy like Edward Scissor hands, but not my new friend Mr. Menezes. He suggested I wait three more months before I get a cut.  ‘ You will have short hair if we cut it now.  The key to saving your hair is to condition it well.’

Renner Menezes  Hairstylist in Westbourne Grove Black Hair

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But first the color Madame.  My roots were screaming and I wanted that salon red.  This kitchen beautician wanted to treat herself to the magic hands of The  Brazilian Hairstylist of Westbourne Grove Mr. Menezes.  Who made me feel like a queen the minute I sat in his chair facing the street. 

The Renner Menezes Touch 

He offered me a cup of tea and a magazine.  Then I relaxed and people watched the hustle and bustle of pedestrians walk by on their way to the Vegan hotspots in the area.  Renner then brought out the color wheel and we chose  L’oreal Majirel 6 62 Dark Red Iridescent Blonde.

With my complex and freckles, this is red to make me glow.  A colour touch up, condition and style took about 3hours but was worth it.  We talked about my hair and how to really take care of it.

My haircare routine for the next 3 months would be drinking plenty of water and a deep conditioner every week.  Not as much oil as you would think to help repair my ends.  He suggested using the Kérastase Resistance Therapiste Masque.  

Renner Menezes The  Brazilian Hairstylist of Westbourne Grove

In the end, I would save my hair and it would be long enough to cut without losing a lot.  This is the kind of hairdressers I like.  One who is helping you start a hair care regime to save your hair.

Without losing the length with healthy recommendations.  This is a haircare partner in the West side of London.   Black women can have  healthy natural, curly or straight hair in good hands with Renner.

Renner Menezzes is a Brazilian hair stylist based on Westbourne Grove, London. Offering an exclusive selection of treatments, ranging from quick trims and Brazilian blow drys to highlights and balayage colouring, he is the new sweetheart of the neighborhood for my black hair and curly haircare needs.

Renner Menezes The  Brazilian Hairstylist of Westbourne Grove

His hairdresser services offer Hair Cut, Blow-Dry, Colouring, Hair moisturizing Treatments, Olaplex treatments, Highlights and also Brazilian Blowdry.  He has already saved the hair of a few of us in the neighborhood after we have had hair emergencies.  We want to say thank you to  Renner  and hope to see you soon for a Brazilian blowout.

Renner Menezzes Brazilian Hair

118 Westbourne Grove, London, W11 2RR

Photo Credit Style Cartel & Lucy Sanderson

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