The Trickle Down Effect – How Renewable Energy Sources Benefit Individuals

How Renewable Energy Sources Benefit Individuals

By now we should all be aware of the three R’s that have been taught to us to help minimize our impact on the environment, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In this day and age, it should be as natural as breathing. Of course, there are benefits to the earth and the atmosphere, but there are also benefits to each of us, as well. When we make good choices it benefits everyone and the planet.


There are many ways to use renewable energy sources, wind, water, biofuel and the sun. There are many ways to utilize these sources and while you may not be able to build a windmill in your backyard, you can try AGL solar for solar power and make a positive impact.

Keep reading to learn more about how renewable energy can benefit you as an individual.


Your Health

It’s no secret that fossil fuels can cause health problems. Pollution in the air, toxins and other garbage dumped in landfills and oceans and the burning piles of toxic and non-reusable items causes all kinds of health problems and diseases, from asthma and cancer to heart damage and nervous and immune system concerns. Using these energy sources, disposing of them and extracting fossil fuels are all dangerous and are a major cause for concern when it comes to our health.


Cost Savings


The cost of buying fossil fuels is huge and it’s not getting any lower, as demand for coal, oil and natural gas continues. Just the extraction of these fuels are expensive, the labor, the equipment, the time and then there’s the cost of producing and refining them. The factory costs are one thing, but the cost on the environment is the other, much more important concern.


Global warming, the sea levels rising and the increases in severe weather can all be put down to the use of fossil fuels. Then, there is the cost on the nation to find cures and solutions to all of the illnesses affecting people as a direct result.

The Trickle Down Effect - How Renewable Energy Sources Benefit Individuals

By moving away from using and consuming these types of energy, you will notice a huge difference in your overall health and wellbeing. Using solar panels, or wind power will, greatly cut the cost of your household expenses and reduce your carbon footprint.


Creates Jobs


The use of renewable sources still needs laborers and much of the sources are more labor intensive. After all, people are needed to build the wind turbines and solar panels and they need to be installed and maintained. There is a huge demand for more efficient cars and other types of transport, and that requires people to design them, refurbish the older ones and supply all of the support services that come along with them.


Even buildings, houses, and other commercial properties are looking at more sustainable materials in regards to how they’re built. This process requires everyone from the engineer and the architect getting on board. The renewable energy industry is quickly growing in Australia and is employing more people across the country than ever before. This growth brings more opportunity to all areas of the country, with new skills being sought-after as new technologies and sustainable practices are rolled out.


The Environment

Of course, the environment is what it really comes down to. When it comes to energy, the ultimate reason to pursue renewable is due to the cost on the earth. At the end of the day, without clean water, clean air, fresh food, we don’t have a chance and it doesn’t get any better for future generations.


Make Simple Changes for a Positive Future


By making a few easy changes and smart choices in our everyday lives, we can make a big impact on the environment, but more importantly, in our own lives and in our homes.

By simply cutting out one non-renewable fuel from your life, you can make a positive impact now and for the future.


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