Removing your Makeup: An Important Routine Before you Sleep

by Charlotte Smith
Removing your Makeup: An Important Routine Before you Sleep

An Important Routine Before you Sleep

A healthy lifestyle, a positive disposition, and the use of the right products, such as those from Well Within Beauty, are just some of the ways to remain beautiful and glowing. If there is one thing that is more specific, however, it would be removing your makeup before you sleep, which will be the focus of the rest of this post.

Why You Should Remove your Makeup

Removing your makeup may seem like a tedious task, but it is one thing that you need to do regardless of how tired you are. Sleeping with your makeup can lead to a number of problems. Some of its negative effects include acne breakout, dullness of the skin, dark spots, premature ageing, and rashes. It also inhibits the ability of the skin to repair itself naturally while you are in the middle of your sleep.  

How to Remove your Makeup

Removing your Makeup: An Important Routine Before you Sleep

There are different ways to remove your makeup, the choice of which will depend on your personal preferences. In my opinion, it is best to use a product with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin. You can check out for their makeup remover and natural beauty products, which are perfect for all skin types.

According to cosmetic gurus, another good way to remove makeup before sleeping is to use a cleansing oil. Choose an oil that will work for all skin types, especially if you have sensitive skin. Use your fingers to spread oil on the face, concentrating on the parts with makeup. Use a dry cotton pad to wipe it off. Follow it up with your usual cleansing routine before sleeping, which should include the use of a toner.  

For home-made alternatives, one thing that will help is milk. Use whole milk, which contains proteins and fats. Lather the face with milk and wipe it dry with a cotton pad. You can also add one tablespoon of almond oil.

You will also benefit from the use of baking soda and honey. On a clean cloth, sprinkle baking soda and add honey. Use it to wipe the makeup off the skin. Apply pressure but do not force it too much so as not to irritate the skin. Do not forget to rinse it off once you are done.

Another ingredient that can do wonders would be a cooking oil, which is effective even if you are using waterproof makeup. It contains fatty acids that provide it with excellent penetration rate, which is why it can easily remove even thick makeup.

Removing your Makeup: An Important Routine Before you Sleep

Steaming is another great way to remove makeup. It also offers an added benefit of opening up the pores and getting rid of toxins that might make the skin unattractive. Nonetheless, make sure to not use boiling water or the skin can end up being too dry.

Never sleep with your makeup on! Make it a habit to take it off before you snooze. Otherwise, your skill will suffer and the visible signs of ageing will show up even when you are still young.


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