REDEMPTION All Most Famous Kaftan Collection

REDEMPTION All Most Famous Kaftan Collection

REDEMPTION All Most Famous Kaftan Collection

If you only know how much money Arabic women spend on a beau Kaftan for a wedding. The market for designer kaftan is growing and REDEMPTION has made a few pieces that are worthy of a dance.

As we all know Vogue Arabia is heralded as the inspiration for hijab chic and designers are getting on board with the rapidly rising market. REDEMPTION like Dolce and Gabbana are tapping into the market and creating beautiful some beautiful Kaftan’s.  


REDEMPTION  Adds Kaftans to it’s Mostly Rocker Style Collections

REDEMPTION All Most Famous Kaftan Collection

The Oriental and Arabic collection takes the embroidery and silhouettes seriously.  Yet the brand style stays true to its Rock roots.  Creative Director Gabriele “Bebe” Moratti, kept it rock and roll, but just embellished with sequins, and kept the edge pairing outfits with leather biker pants.  

The collection reminds me of the movie ‘Almost Famous.’ If there was a sequel the character played by  Kate Hudson AKA Penny Lane would certainly have a few pieces in her suitcase when she escapes to Morocco.


REDEMPTION CHOPPERS doesn’t just make motorcycles simply because they can’t sing or dance, they design and produce clothes because they want to make a difference. 50% of our net profits will go to carefully selected charitable foundations. Until Redemption Choppers becomes profitable the shareholders pledge to donate to these same charitable foundations out of our own picket.


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