Re-rewind when the clocks go back with Casper

by Gosia Krajewski

MUMMY DIARIES – Re-rewind when the clocks go back with Casper

As the evenings get darker and winter closes in, make the most of the clocks going back this coming weekend by snuggling up in bed with Casper’s sleep must haves! That’s exactly what I am preparing to do, especially after very long week, and even longer nights with my sick baby Matylda. It’s been a tough one, so being able to snuggle up with my super comfy Casper mattress is exactly what I need. All the mums out there will understand my excitement about that extra hour of sleep in bed!

But no extra hour in bed is complete without a Casper Mattress to lay on. The original bed in a box is composed of four layers of specially designed foam to ensure constant support and breathability, so we can all make the most of every second of daylight saving. The award winning Casper Mattress comes in sizes ranging from single to super king. If you are mommy, then definitely go for the larger size, because in the morning you might have an extra little person snuggling on your bed.

But what’s more, Casper also offer an amazing pillow to rest our weary heads on, so when my poorly Matylda finally fell asleep, I could comfortably rest too! The totally unique pillow within a pillow design means that whether you like a soft or supportive pillow like me, you’ll be sleeping easy. What I love about Casper pillow is the fact, that it is filled with millions of fibres, the pillow will always bounce back to its original shape, even after we’ve been rested for that much needed extra hour. Roll on the weekend!


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