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Where to Take Your Tinder Date: Hotspot London

The last time we were in London we headed back  to one of our favorite hotel bars near London Bridge , The London Bridge Quarter Bar & Lounge . While having cocktails, the girls and I thought this  would be a great place for a date or to meet your lover.   If your not married or ” in a serious relationship” the odds are your on Tinder. Don’t  worry we will just tell your friends you meet in Starbucks.

The London Bridge Quarter Bar & Lounge

The London Bridge Quarter Bar & Lounge


It is spring and it is time to kick start your summer love quest, and go on  a few dates.   In hopes you seal the deal on your summer romance.  Want great cocktails and a place where you can really get to know this person with out distractions.  Or a safe space to meet?  As you can see the decor is cosy enough to get close if you want, or have a  little space if you not that kind of girl on the first date.

The London Bridge Quarter Bar & Lounge


The reason why we thought of Quarter Bar & lounge, is because not only do they serve great cocktails, there are not any other distractions to take you attention off your date.  No loud raving lunatic music or other extremely hot guys or girls passing by every 5 minutes.


Espresso Martini Vanilla infused vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso

The Director Lavender infused gin, elderflower,

Green Chartreuse Bow Tie Brandy,


Grand Marnier Last Call Brandy,

Benedictine, Green Chartreuse, lemon juice

Hipster Tequila,

Aperol, ginger, passion fruit String Bass Angostura rum,

Cointreau, rhubarb reduction Betty Page Gin, Cointreau, crème de fraise, peach

Fresh Swing Brandy, crème de pêche, apricot jam,

Pinot Grigio Ka Hi Angostura rum, sweet vermouth, pineapple juice, caramel

Ilona Kiss Bourbon, lychee liqueur, strawberry, egg white

Amalfi Limoncello, Grand Marnier, apple juice, cream

Espresso Martini Vanilla infused vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso

Desert Storm Baileys, Amaretto,

Chambord, milk Shardi-ni Vanilla infused vodka, watermelon, passion fruit.

We recommend going for cocktails that won’t disappoint.   Before the drinks come, we endorse nipping to the ladies room.  On the way there introduce yourself to the bartender, and give him a code word or sign if you need to make a dash . Best place to have fun if the date is going well, sit back and the barman keeps the drinks flowing

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