Etta bond

Etta Bond seduced us during Pitchfork Avant-Garde

by Shawna Montout

Before the Pitchfork Music Festival, during Pitchfork avant-garde, you could attend concerts around Bastille. A singer, Etta bond catch our eyes and ears.

Halloween night in the city of lights. Near the Bastille neighborhood at Badaboum you could hear the voice of Etta Bond, a curvy tattooed heart with short blond hair and a lovely British accent. Many people knew about the singer from her song « let me hit it » released in July, but she has been in the music business since 2012. The singer with a smooth and charming voice really seduced the crowd. Pitchfork avant-Garde is a way to discover new artists: singers, rappers, real music lovers.

Badaboum was the perfect place for Etta Bond to sing. The pink neon lights on the ceiling and a thin fog were putting us in a good mood, a relaxing mood. As she was singing the room was slowly beginning to fill. 200 hundred people mesmerized by her voice jamming to her songs. You could really feel the connection between the artist and the public. You could even fell the one between the people in the crowd.

Etta Bond back in March 2019

For the ones who missed her presence during the Pitchfork Avant-Garde or for those who will be in Paris and want to hear her beautiful voice. You can still catch up. She is coming back on March 20th. The Rnb and soul singer will be at L’Olympique Café.



Etta Bond

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