Philosophy launches two new fragrances

FRAGRANCE FRIDAY – Philosophy launches two new fragrances

Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose


The newest member of the amazing Philosophy grace family. Inspired by the strength and agility of a ballerina, a soft graceful beauty is captured in notes of delicate rose enveloped in sparkling lychee and peony, then layered with sheer pink musk.

the notes:

The exciting and elegant ballet begins with the first bloom of the delicate rose. the graceful choreography of notes is balanced with a hint of fruit, vibrant and sparkling lychee, peony and sheer pink musk.

Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose

Embrace effortless grace with the newest member of the grace family: pure grace nude rose. Effortless simplicity is expressed in a beautiful composition of delicate blush rose balanced by clean dewy greens. Followed by neroli and bright orange flower cocooned in the warmth and sensuality of cedarwood and sun-kissed musk.

the notes:

This delicate, bright and warm fragrance features notes of blush rose, dewy greens, neroli, orange flower, warm cedarwood & sun-kissed musk

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