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This week Style Cartel Mom loves Philips Avent uGrow. It is a new digital parenting platform, which supports the healthy development of babies, at every stage, with personalised advice & insights.

The uGrow parenting platform connects wirelessly to the Philips Avent uGrow Smart Baby Monitor and uGrow Smart Ear Thermometer.  The launch of uGrow helps new parents to understand and support their baby’s healthy development both in the short and long term, through a series of connected digital products with uGrow at the core.

Supporting parenting through the first days of parenting and growing with them, the uGrow uses data (both automatically and manually) to provide personal and relevant advice based on their baby’s individual development stage. This advice, based on professional guidance and pertinent localised content, provides reassurance on baby’s development, helping parents better understand and respond to their baby’s immediate needs, as well as anticipate what to expect in the future.

With a timeline that incorporates data from baby’s developing weight and how much baby has eaten, to sleep patterns, parents will enjoy peace of mind in their baby’s development. Interactive photos and virtual stickers can be used by parents to mark occasions and celebrate milestones on baby’s timeline on uGrow. It also remembers key dates in order to provide bespoke guidance for new parents based on the uniqueness of their baby’s development, for example, advice on the developing weight of your baby and guidance on weaning as your baby grows.

Philips AVENT uGrow Smart Baby Monitor SCD860 alternative product photo

Building the ecosystem beyond the core app, products connected wirelessly to uGrow are:

  • The uGrow Smart Ear Thermometer. This comfortable, easy to use thermometer captures an accurate baby’s temperature in one second. All measurements are automatically captured by the uGrow platform using Bluetooth®, meaning that baby’s temperature can be tracked over time. Easy to follow guidance with regards to temperatures will help parents make the right choices about their baby’s care providing peace of mind when a little one is sick or has a fever. It gives parents the opportunity to easily share measurements with grandparents, doctors or paediatricians for (professional) advice.
  • The uGrow Smart Baby Monitor is a high definition monitor also wirelessly connected to the uGrow platform. The monitor uses connected technology to monitor sleep and environment, automatically capturing variables such as room temperature and humidity, so parents can better understand the effect of environment on baby’s wellbeing.  The uGrow Smart Baby Monitor is app controlled from any Android or iOS device, moving seamlessly between networks to maintain a continuous connection, which gives complete peace of mind to new parents. Its dedicated, user-friendly app also lets you share a video stream with up to ten family members or friends of your choosing.

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