Phillips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor Makes Mum’s Life More Peaceful

by Gosia Krajewski

Like all mums, I’ve been worried about my child since the day she was born. I was scared if she eats right, if she burp enough, if she sleeps well…and she slept too long I was worried if she is ok. Yes, that’s what we do…we keep worrying. That’s simply the sign of love. And although I know for fact that I won’t stop worrying about my child for the rest of my life, there are ways to make our lives a bit more peaceful. One of them is Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor. Thanks to this little device I’ve been able to sleep better knowing that I will always hear the finest noise that my child makes despite being in another room. But let me start from the beginning.


Why it is so great

It is  simple to use video baby monitor with good quality sound and video to keep an eye and ear on your little one. The camera is flexible and well designed. The Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor is a sleek model full of neat features, and has become one of Avent’s best sellers since its launch in 2016. With a generous 2.7inch screen it offers a great quality picture and also clear sound. It is so clear, that I could actually hear my daughter turning from side to side. How brilliant is that?

It offers Talkback, which allows you to communicate with your little one without trudging upstairs, and also a choice of lullabies. I also love the fact that it offers a 180 degree panoramic view and zoom, so it cover the area where my little girl sleeps.


Not convinced yet? There are even more benefits. The infra red night vision switches on automatically in the dark, so I could see my little one very clearly with the light off. The monitor does pick up a bit of background noise, such as movement sounds, but it’s in proportion. Some audio monitors I’ve had amplify the smallest noise so it sounds like a huge bang, but this video monitor makes the sounds easily identifiable – and of course, you can see what’s going on too. It also allows you to adjust the microphone sensitivity, so you can set it to fit your needs. This monitor definitely passed my test and will stay with us for longer.

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