PENH LENH JEWELRY| Accessory Saturday Feature

PENH LENH JEWELLERY| Accessory Saturday Feature

by Charlotte Smith

PENH LENH JEWELLERY Made By Women for Women


This Accessory Saturday features  Penh Lenh, a Cambodian-based jewellery line on a mission to empower women.  Jewellery is like perfume to me don’t leave home without it.   2018 is all about female empowerment, so we love to feature a designer who is living there passion and doing something to empower women.

The jewellery is for today’s women who do not want to show her riches through her jewels, but who would rather show her style.  If that is you then Penh Lenh is the emerging jewellery for you.

Penh Lenh, meaning “whole,” sets out to empower marginalized and at-risk women in Cambodia to pursue their life goals through quality education and sustaining employment.

Accessory Saturday Feature

PENH LENH JEWELRY| Accessory Saturday Feature

Their products are handcrafted in Phnom Penh, Cambodia by female artisans working to build new lives for themselves and their families. Each piece represents the strength and beauty of the women creating them and also the women wearing them.

PENH LENH JEWELRY| Accessory Saturday Feature

100% of their product sales are reinvested in the social mission of Penh Lenh, to provide education, vocational training, and advanced career opportunities for our artisans.  Prices range from $15-$100.  Not only is the label helping the women where the line originates from, but the prices are reasonable and cute too!

PENH LENH JEWELRY| Accessory Saturday Feature

How powerful is their motto “ Made by Women and Designed by Women.  Here is to girl power. The collection looks and feels so zen.  

Links to buy are below!


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