Paule Ka and the Arty Print Trend

Paule K and the Arty Print Trend

Last weekend I was inspired by art and watched documentaries on some of the most famous artists. Inspired by these films, my desire to wear art grew. Paule Ka  is  inspired by art too, with a collection that is inspired by Picasso.  The Arty Print Trend speaks to the inner artist in us all and Paule Ka  offers a few key pieces.  The runways of Paris and Milan drew out the inner artist and started the walking art gallery trend on clothes.


Paule K and the Arty Print Trend

Makes you think is it part of a pattern? The colors of the South pay  a tribute to Picasso, and more specifically to the 1950’s, when he first brought fame to Vallauris pottery makers.   A blend of dark and bold shades that merge and emerge, as if leaping straight from the paintbrush and onto a white cotton canvas for a piece of walking art gallery art. The Paule Ka and the Arty Print Trend has elements of Vallauris, Ceramic, Rainbow’s and Flower blossoms.  The collection is inspired by Serge Cajfinger’s love of the South, of the shores of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.  The looks are reminiscent of his childhood in Brazil and his love of the sunshine, summertime and elegant design.  The collection consist of four looks from the innovative Paule Ka  and the Arty Print Trend collection.


Photo Credit: Paule Ka 


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