After-Office Tips to Help You Get Party Ready in No Time

by Charlotte Smith

Party-Ready in No Time

Imagine this: There’s a party you’ve got to attend after office but you just don’t have the time to look your best. Do you freak out and call it quits or take your time to look your best and reach late (just as everyone is getting ready to leave for home)?

After-Office Tips to Help You Get Party Ready in No Time

Relax; you don’t have to do either! We’ve got you covered with these amazing after-office tips that are guaranteed to get you looking party-ready in as less time as possible. All you need is some preparation and you’ll know just what you need to get going and rock the party!


After-Office Tips to Help You Get Party Ready in No Time

Get your lovely tresses looking glamorous in no time with these tips, and you’ll have half the work done!

If you find that your locks are looking limp, especially around the front, a quick lifesaver is to switch your parting to the other side. This trick makes your hair look fuller instantly! You can also use dry shampoo or shine spray to add life to your hair in a jiffy. Keep a travel-sized product in your handbag if you have space.

Dig into your handbag and grab that hand cream. Dab a little onto your palms, rub together and apply lightly on flyaways to tame them. This will give you a smooth finish without making your hair appear greasy. If you have hairspray in your bag, spray onto a tissue paper and use it to smooth flyaways without making your hair static.

Dampen hair by running wet hands through the mid-lengths to ends. Twirl hair in sections and tie loosely into a top-knot. If this hairstyle doesn’t work for you as is, untie hair once you reach the venue for gorgeous curls!

Always have a statement hairpiece or pin in your handbag. Whether you turn your usually loose worn hair into a half-updo or a side-swept bun, you can add the wow factor to your hair easily with your go-to gold accessory or plume hair clip.


If you have time on your hands to apply/redo makeup and are always equipped with everything from foundation to face mist:

Backstage Beauty Daks Fall 2016

Start by cleansing your skin. Moisturize before you begin applying makeup; to save time, use products that can do double-duty. For example, use a tinted moisturizer to hydrate your skin as well as to provide coverage.

Attempt eyeliner only if you’re really good at getting a flawless cat eye in as less time as possible. If you’re going to start with a shaky, nervous hand, it’s best to forego liquid eyeliner. Use a pencil instead to line your eyes or do a smoky eye.

Blend a bit of your lipstick onto your cheeks for colour. This not only makes for instant blush, but you’ll also have to carry fewer products in your makeup bag. You can use lipstick as eyeshadow and eyeliner too!

If you don’t have the time to start afresh:

Refrain from reaching for the powder to combat oily skin as it will only emphasize open pores. Keep blotting tissues on hand and blot away the excess oil gently. Don’t rub, or you’ll end up with patches on your face.

If you’ve developed a pimple, fight the urge to pop it. Dab on some green concealer to counter the redness. Finish off with a bit of foundation. If you only have a liquid foundation, dab some onto a pimple, wait for it to dry so it thickens, and finally blend it out. This will give you more coverage!

Glam up your everyday look by adding wings to your eyeliner. Glue on falsies and finish with 1-2 coats of mascara for some volume.


Ensure that you’ve got party accessories ready to flaunt. Have them stashed away in your locker, drawer, car or handbag and you’ll never be caught unprepared!

You can’t go to a party armed with a tote; you need a clutch! Have a neutral one, preferably black, on standby and it’s sure to go with anything you wear. If you want to add some sparkle, go for a metal embossed clutch or a rhinestone-studded one.

Always keep your favourite piece of statement jewellery in your handbag- a layered necklace, diamond rings, or a pair of dangling earrings, perhaps. When it’s time to leave office, all you have to do is whip out the jewellery and put it on to look fabulous!

Sneakers, flats, or heels, no matter what shoes you wear in the office, swap them out for a pair you’ll not only be comfortable partying in but one that will also add chic appeal to your ensemble.


Now that you’ve read this post, you don’t have to be worried if the boss needs you for two extra minutes or if a team meeting extends a wee bit. With these quick tips by your side, you know just what you need to do to get party-ready in the shortest time possible. So get going and stay prepared to look your ravishing best, come what may!


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