Paris Street Style Sneaker Freak Friday

It seems Parisian women are still in Love with the Isabel Marant high top sneaker.  It is actually a still a big seller in stores in Paris.  This Sneaker Freak Friday we serve up some Paris Street Style.  What kind of kicks are Parisians wearing on the cobble stoned streets these day’s? Scroll down and see.


Sneaker Freak Friday

The boat sneaker for women and men in Paris is trending. It is the easiest sneaker to slip on and off.  It also goes with almost every look you try to put together.


Sneaker Freak Friday

The classic pair of Converse is undeniable in everyone’s closet her in Paris.  These pink ones are spot on trend for Spring.


Sneaker Freak Friday


Cuties with ” J’s on their feet”.

Images for "Sneaker Freak Friday".

The Stan Smith is for everyone and everywhere.


Photos Credit: Akashdeep Ghosh

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