Paris is Hot Because of One Yard Agency Party Promoters


We feel like we spent last summer by the river and at a One Yard Agency Party. The last time we hit up a Yard Party was for the holiday and boy was it “turnt up”, it felt like a New York night out, but the view from the top floor at the Parc Des Expostions was the priceless Eiffel Tower. The music was far from the sounds of Edith Piaf; the new type of hip-hop called ‘Trap’ music has invaded the Parisian club scene and Yard is all about it. One of the best nights we’ve had in Paris was partying with the Yard crew.

StyleCartel Hangout| YARD Party à Electric Paris


The event was an Electric evening in hip-hop for Parisians with an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower. We were amongst more than 2,000 hip-hop heads that night. The party was made possible by Clems DJs, Babaflex , Endrixx , Supa , Girls Girls Girls , Kyu Steed, Yannick and Gradur , the femal DJ who rocked the turn tables.   We hung close to the Mort Paris crew that night.  We hope to see them during Men’s Collections during Paris Fashion week. One thing is certain: these YARD PARTY are just the beginning… Now who’s going to throw the hottest party next week in Paris?  The Yard Party has changed how we feel about Paris nightlife.



YARD Party à Electric Paris: Images by Hlenie

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