Backstage with MAC Cosmetics | Moncler Show F/W 17

Paris Fashion Week came to an end, but here at Style Cartel, we still have stars in our eyes. It is never too late to feature something from the Paris Fashion Week. Today, we are happy to say that we had the great opportunity to go backstage with Moncler .  

Photo Credit : Sofia Penton for Style Cartel

For this occasion, Moncler  partnered up with the big and famous MAC Cosmetics. The makeup artists did a great job with the models. Obviously, at a Fashion Show, the clothes should be the focus. That is why the talented makeup artists from MAC Cosmetics chose to go full natural but flawless with the models’ makeup.

Photo Credit : Sofia Penton for Style Cartel

From the pictures you can see here, it is obviously a no makeup makeup look. It has a slight boyish vibe to it with the sleek hair back. I love that they played with the o so great masculine-feminine trend.

Photo Credit : Sofia Penton for Style Cartel

How to master the no makeup makeup look like the Moncler’s models ?

  • Photo Credit : Sofia Penton for Style Cartel
  • Everything should be simple, but the main focus of a no makeup makeup look is the base. To rock this makeup, your face must be flawless. If you are lucky enough to have a perfect skin, then apply a BB cream or a light weight foundation. If you have some imperfections here and there, and you need coverage, use the tiniest amount of a full coverage foundation.
  • The recent trend has been to not wear mascara ! If you are anything like me, and you need mascara in your life, use one or two light coats to add definition to your eyes.  
  • Photo Credit : Sofia Penton for Style Cartel
  • Once you are satisfied with your foundation, it is time to finish it up with the glow. Use a subtle highlighter, preferably one with no shimmer for a more natural look. My advice would be to use a liquid highlighter instead of a powder one. Liquid highlighters are more suitable for this kind of makeup look.
  • And finally, the lips ! Go simple, either apply a lip balm with a slight tint to it, or go full nude with a lipstick.
Photo Credit : Sofia Penton for Style Cartel

Now that you know how to rock this makeup, there’s nothing keeping you from looking like those beautiful models.

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