Essential Travel Outfits For All The Women Visiting Croatia

by Charlotte Smith

Essential Travel Outfits For All The Women Visiting Croatia

Summertime and holidays go hand in hand. Where do you plan to go this year? If you hear the call of the ocean, then it is best to pick an area that offers sun, sand, and surf. When everyone else is leaving for the Caribbean islands, you can discover your own heaven in Croatia. This European nation is both beautiful and mesmerizing. Its closeness to the Mediterranean Sea influences the climate that remains pleasant throughout the year. The northern mountains often receive snowfall in winters, but offer cool climate during summers.

Take a look around

Once you reach Croatia, you will feel the immediate urge to check all beautiful tourist spots. Make sure that you are properly dressed to spend so much time under the sun. As mentioned earlier, the temperature in the north is different from that of the south. So, dress according to the climate of each area. If you will remain in the northern parts, then carry woolen garments to shield your body from the cold winds. In that case, packing a thick jacket is a must. A light sweater will offer the much-needed warmth during the daytime sightseeing. At night, wearing woolen blended jackets and jumpsuits to keep you comfortable.


If you keep to the middle and southern parts, then you can opt for casual clothing. Anything from short dresses, denim shorts, leggings, light shirts, tops, blazers, and jumpsuits will come in handy. The temperature in the southern parts can reach as high as 35-degree centigrade during peak summer months. To keep yourself cool and fresh, opt for natural fabrics. These materials will offer breathability and keep sweat away. Make sure to pack your comfortable summer friendly clothes, sunglasses and hats when you head out for Croatia.

Dress appropriately for the beach

If you love basking in the sunshine, then the Croatian beaches will be the perfect spot to get gorgeously tanned. There are several fantastic beaches, with soft white sand and blue water of the Adriatic Sea. During the summer and spring seasons, the sun rays heat up the ocean water, making it perfect for a relaxing swim. So, don’t forget to pack some comfortable swimwear for taking a relaxing dip in the blue ocean water. When you are on the beach, you can put on your itsy-bitsy bikini suit, and get a uniform tan all over your body. In case you want to take part in water sports, wear a one-piece swimwear for better comfort and safety. Don’t forget to apply a thick layer of sunblock before you step out on the beach. Do carry a sunglass and a wide-brimmed hat to shield your eyes and face from the direct sunlight.

Essential Travel Outfits For All The Women Visiting Croatia

Pack shoes accordingly

Seasoned packers stress on the importance of carrying less luggage when you are going on a Europe tour. So, when it comes to shoes, one must pack sensibly. You will be spending most of your time on your feet, visiting the fantastic tourist spots. Always carry shoes which offer optimum comfort. The last thing you want is to walk into a pair of sandals that leave you with nasty blisters. For casual trips, opt for flats or tie-up sandals. If you want some height, then platform heels or kitten heels will come to your rescue. For night outs, one basic black medium or high heel shoe will be enough. But these shoes will not be of any use on the beach or for a hiking trip. Do carry a comfortable flip-flop for your beach time.

It is time for some outdoor adventure

A trip to Croatia is not only about the islands and beaches. If you are more of an outdoor adventure junky, then the nation has a lot to offer. There are hiking trails in the national parks in the south. If you cannot ignore the call of the lofty mountains, then sticking to the northern part will offer several mountain climbing opportunities. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the occasion. Wearing outdoor activity clothes, like exercise tights and t-shirts will keep you comfortable. Last but not the least; pay attention to your feet.  If you are looking forward to joining a hiking trip in the national parks, or climb the mountains, then carry shoes accordingly. Tennis shoes, hiking or running shoes from Nike will offer the comfort and safety that one desires to get.

Essential Travel Outfits For All The Women Visiting Croatia

Unpremeditated night outs in the city

The real fun begins when the sun goes down. The young crowd in Croatia loves to hang out and party. The popular vacation spot has a lot to offer during the nights. It is the best time to pull out your dressy outfits. While men can flaunt their muscular figure in linen shirts and cotton trouser or bermudas, women can look their best in LBD or red hot dresses. If you are too feminine for these dresses, then you can rock the party floor in distressed denim crop pants or shorts. Any top will complement these bottom-wears. Carrying a maxi dress or an off-shoulder A-line short or medium length dress will also go with the mood relaxed mood.

Essential Travel Outfits For All The Women Visiting Croatia

These are some outfit options that you can try during your trip to Croatia. The sun, sand and the relaxed mood with grow on you. By the time your journey ends, you will not want to leave this fantastic place. Carrying less does not mean that you will not look like a dude or a diva in your vacation picks. Pick colors, designs, and accessories in a manner that one complements another. Mix and match these outfits to create new and unusual looks each day. It is best to carry dainty pieces to go with the relaxed environment.


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