Our List of the Top 4 Vacation Hot Spots to Chill in Style

One of the greatest parts of my job is being able to travel and share my experiences with others.  After finishing The Alchemist, the novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho published in 1988 – for the third time …

I am torn between taking the Alchemist route to Morocco again or heading to Cuba to celebrate Castro’s 90 birthday.  It is a hard decision, because I have taken the Alchemist trail before through Portugal, Spain and Morocco and never been to Cuba.  I started to do some research to see if I could map something out and make a decision.

The Top 4 Vacation Hot Spots to Chill in Style

 The Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa

I fell in love with Ibiza and would not mind going back. The Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa in Ibiza, Spain caught my eye because I need a spa vacation before I head to New York for fashion week, and this place seemed ideal.

The hotel has a few pools and 4 restaurants, as well as a sandy beach at its doorstep. Location is everything for me and this hotel is paradise and seems to have all my needs covered. At the footsteps of the hotel for  starters, there is a sandy beach as your playground. Then there’s the town centre, which is 15 minutes’ walk away. And buses stop outside on their way to Ibiza Town.  

The tip is to check the schedule of the buses because this is the land of siesta and buses do not run frequently. If you have never been to Ibiza, then get ready to CHILL. The hotel is equipped with the Balinese beds on the lawn near the pool and seems like chill central. The restaurants in the hotel have your meals covered with everything from a buffet to Italian.

Insotel Cala Mandia Resort

The next destination that caught my eye  is the Insotel Cala Mandia Resort, in the area of the Balearic Islands in Spain. This beachfront hotel has adults-only and family friendly zones, as well as pools, restaurants, and a huge haul of activities. This is what an adult needs when making a decision these days, is it going to be a romantic holiday or a family one? It helps if you can have two in one.  

The hotel hotspot is right next to Cala Mandia Beach, and just a 5-minute drive from the sleepy village of Porto Cristo. There are 5 pools, 5 restaurants, and a loads of sports and activities to get your teeth into. Due to recent renovation, the suites and apartments here are all nice and modern. There’s a new adults-only area, too, plus a swanky new spa and fitness centre.  Another tick on my list of places to stay  where I can be chill and stay sexy while on vacation.

ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie,

The idea of bouncing over to Morocco is always welcome in my book.  After living there for two years, I repeatedly jump at the chance to go back.  I love shopping there. When I checked out the  ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie, 15 minutes’ drive from Marrakech’s medina one of the most magical places in Morocco. There’s a lot going on at the Riu Tikida Palmeraie. Spread across 13 acres, this complex lines up a trio of restaurants, tons of sports and activities, and a monster-sized swimming pool.

The hotel is set in the posh Palmeraie district of Marrakech, 15 minutes’ shuttle bus ride from the medina. Bedrooms are nice and big, and mix modern décor with authentic Moroccan touches. These are important element when staying in Morocco, because sometimes you just want to get lost in your thoughts and relax, no internet just books and sun with a nice cup of Moroccan mint tea.

the Royalton Hicacos

My mind now shifts to another part of the world Cuba.   I see myself, with some rumba, Afro-Cuban jazz, or  salsa playing in the background with a cocktail by the pool. Yes, Cuba a dream to visit. The Royalton Hicacos looks like it would be the place to get my feet wet.

 I love the fact the internet in Cuba is limited.  I can escape from Snapchat and Pokeman here.  This adults-only resort  is really just what I am looking for, I am really looking for a sexy sweaty holiday! It looks like the place you will never want to leave,sandy beaches, restaurants, and bars where you can make your own personal dance floor. The hotel is set in palm-covered gardens, so expect views of your landscaped surroundings from the balcony. Rooms come with a lot of space – be it the big bathtub or the handy separate living area.


If you had the choice where would you go?  I think after looking into all four hotspots, I am heading to Cuba.  Always ready for a new adventures.  Stay tuned for more about our visit to Cuba!


About the author

Charlotte is an urban New Yorker who has lived in London, Paris & Morocco. She has an MBA in Management and Economics of Luxury Brands and Fashion and her BFA from the New School. She calls herself the dyslexic writer living between London & Paris. Digital Fashion & Lifestyle Architect ?:ChaChaNyc007