Our Favourite Summer Holiday Beauty Products

BEAUTY – Our Favourite Summer Holiday Beauty Products

NEW Fat & the Moon Mermaid Mask


 If Kim Kardashian says that “hair masks are key”, we’re not going to be the ones that disagree. In fact, the *NEW* Fat & The Moon Mermaid Mask is the perfect hero product to prove the point. A hair mask should add quality to your locks, keeping them healthy and protecting from damage. The vegan-friendly, Fat & The Moon Mermaid Mask does just this. It softens your mane whilst adding body. It uses it’s natural ingredients including Irish moss, honey rhassoul clay and aloe vera to hydrate whilst reviving dull looking hair, giving it some uuumphh that the Kardashian clan would be proud of. If these benefits weren’t enough, the Fat & The Moon Mermaid Mask is a multi-functioning mask. Not solely for use on your hair, it works wonders on your face and body too. Bask your body in nutrients brought to you by animal, vegetable and mineral. For the face, this champion of a mask tones and moisturizers at the same time. Honey lends an anti bacterial hand, so it’s a perfect mask for pimples and dry skin combos. 

FRÉNÉSIES permanent hair removal cream 


The average woman shaves 7,718 times in her lifetime and spends 14 minutes a day performing this ritual. That’s a lot of razors, shaving cream, effort and time spent. With the temperature rising and us thinking about Summer  and getting our bodies ready to dare to bare a bit more flesh we need to address this. FRÉNÉSIES has the answer with their pain free hair removal cream. Post hair removal, apply the cream and after the first to second cycles of treatment, unwanted hair growth will be reduced by approximately 60-80%. In addition, the remaining hair will become weaker and can be fully eliminated permanently with repeated treatments. For full results use 2-3 times. FRÉNÉSIES is rich in selenium, which inhibits unwanted hair growth by blocking the hair growth action in the follicle root. A unique formula containing natural active ingredients – the FRÉNÉSIES Body hair growth prevention cream was created to target unwanted body hair in areas such as legs, arms and bikini. In addition to preventing future hair growth, the cream offers the perfect post-epilation solution for redness and discomfort. The FRÉNÉSIES Body, cream formula contains Salix Alba, also known as white willow, which provides a moisturising effect and is soothing and nutritious.

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