Original FX Mayr Detox| My Mind, Body & Soul are Ready for Summer

by Charlotte Smith

10 things I learned about the Original FX Mayr Detox

In June before summer really kicked off I checked myself into the Original FX Mayr Detox.  I have had a real tough start to the year which has to lead me on a journey to heal my mind, body, and soul.    You know when life throws you lemons sometimes you panic instead of listing to your body.


Part I Original FX Mayr Detox

The first lesson I learned from my week at the spa was to listen to my body.  Your body knows you better than anyone else.  It knows what you like to eat, and don’t like to eat.  I learned that foods I did not like were also allergies for me and toxic people’s energy was bad for me too.  It was time to change my lifestyle to 360 degrees.

Original FX Mayr


My body and soul have gone through a lot of traumas in the last few months and she has been screaming for some much-needed attention.   Hence why I packed my bags and left for a week by the beautiful southern shore of Lake Wörthersee, this grand, countryside spa hotel is a 12-minute walk from Kärntner Golf Club Dellach and 11 km from Erlebnis Rosegg zoological park and castle.   Here I said goodbye to city life and all its noise.  My body and soul needed to detox from negative choices I was making with food and friends.

The bright, high-end rooms offer Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. Suites include sitting areas. There’s a contemporary restaurant, featuring a silent lunch. Other amenities include bike rentals and a seasonal, lakeside sauna. There’s a spa with an indoor pool and an exercise room. Complimentary teas and broths are offered. Guided hiking tours are available.

Original FX Mayr Detox|Part I My Mind, Body & Soul are Ready for Summer


My driver picked me up from the airport and whisked me away to my week of detox.  He said ” get ready for 7 days of soup” I panicked, wait I will be only eating soup?!’  There was no time to grab a snack.  I guess this was a good thing.  I was looking forward to instructions on living a healthier life.

Original FX Mayer Detox 1

The second lesson I learned was fasting was a good thing.  This was why I decided to do the detox the last week of Ramadan, my body was ready for anything that the Original FX Mayr Detox had to through at me.  Let the fat burning begin.  After my week was up the doctor suggested that I fast once a week, to keep up the new lifestyle choice I ad accepted.

Original FX Mayer Detox 1

The third lesson was exercise or stretch in the morning to wake up your body.  This is something I often forget to do.  A simple twist at the hips, rolling of the shoulders can do wonders for you in the morning.  We often forget about areas like the shoulders and waistline they need to move.  These are the reasons so many of us have a chubby waist and our shoulders can touch our ears.  After hours of sitting in front of a computer.

Every morning the week I was there I participated in the early morning yoga sessions before breakfast. The classes were held on the dock by the river on sunny days and in the studio when it rained.  The early morning air was refreshing and the sound of the waves calming.  The practices woke you up and made you look forward to breakfast.

Original FX Mayer Detox 1

The fourth lesson I learned was to eat slowly and chew your food.  What I really enjoyed about my detox week, was the silent breakfast. I normally am quite in the morning.  I like to unwind in silence so this was perfect for me.  We ate our porridge with small spoons, flower petals, rice milk and 2 slices of pear and gazed out on to the lake. It was early summer and I was loving the relaxation.

The fifth lesson that I learned was during my cure raw food should be avoided.  After the cure has been completed raw food should be consumed before 4 pm.  It’s like pickles, at first they are cucumbers.  That’s what happens to raw food in your stomach eaten after 4 PM.  They start to ferment in your stomach.   After I had my colonic cleanse I realized I was all gas!  This showed me I need to change the way I eat.

Original FX Mayer Detox 1

The sixth lesson I learned was that mediation is key to keeping calm.  Almost every night they had meditation classes after dinner.  My favorite one was the mediation about being grateful.  This was hard for me, but I wanted to stop worrying about life and whining about my misfortunes. Another great one was about creating your secret happy place of love in your heart.


The seventh lesson I learned was that we do not have to eat tons of food.  It is healthier to eat small portions.   The first few days were tough I am not going to lie. In the mornings I ate porridge.  For a snack, we had a cup of bullion soup. For lunch, we had a tiny tasting of soup with a vegetable chip and maybe some protein from raw vegetables and fish.  A dinner was simple another cup of bullion soup. I was getting a headache from my sugar withdrawal.

The eight-lesson I learned was that fluid intake is important. We were taught to drink more water and light teas. The detoxification process will continue at home and metabolic toxins need liquid to be flushed out.  We are told to avoid coffee, alcohol, nicotine and energy drinks.  It was easy because luckily I do not consume any of those.  I was on a path to a new me that fit easily into my existing lifestyle.

Original FX Mayr

The ninth lesson that I learned was living in the moment.  This was a big lesson for me, taught to me by my Shiatsu therapist Hans Peter.  After touching my body he was like ‘Charlotte your body is telling me you live in the past and future.  Learn to stay in the present.’  How did he know this was so hard for me. Today I live each day for the day. It feels so great to do this, I cannot change the past or control the future.  What a stress reliever.

The tenth lesson that I learned was that you do not have to overdo it at the gym.  You can actually stay fit by choosing a healthy diet like the Alkaline free diet they prescribe and gentle exercise every day like yoga, swimming, riding a bike or walking.  You are what you eat, and I learned this first hand.  After a week of following their simple program, I was much happy and looked younger. This is the natural remedy for botox and plastic surgery. I also lost 3 pounds!

Original FX Mayer Detox 1

My new trust in my body with the help of expert guidance of FX Mayr also restored my confidence.  I found out which foods are good for me.  I am more conscious about what to eat when to eat, and how much to eat. I can now feel how my body responds to different foods and life circumstances.  I only want to eat healthily and be around positive people. Looking at meat now makes my stomach turn.  I also learned that I am allergic to meat and sugar! My first week I lost 2 kilos following the diet with minimal exercise.

The Postive effects fo the diet are that my sugar and fat deposits have been reduced. Blood levels have improved.  I lost weight.  My body is detoxified. Cells are regenerate and renewed themselves. My complexion has improved.  I feel better in my body and have a new self-confidence and more happy about life.

Original FX Mayer Detox 1

It does not end here.  I will be back with more about my 7-day experience the Original FX Mayr Detox.  I have to tell you about the natural remedies, messages, baths and my therapies. Stay tuned for more…  To keep myself motivated, I will continue to write about my experience with exercise tips, ideas on medicine, nutrition, and awareness of today.

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