Original FX Mayr Detox | The Cure, Diet & Lifestyle Change

by Charlotte Smith

The Original FX Mayr Detox Part II

This is part II in my Original FX Mayr Detox regime for the rest of my life. So the morning breakfast should be king size i.e the diet should be wholesome that include all supplements and nutrients needed for the digestive system, which breaks down food and gives the energy to carry out your tasks actively.

”Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper

Original FX Mayr Detox| The Cure, Diet & Lifestyle Change

Now, in the afternoon (say around 1-2pm) you have to have your lunch like a prince, as your metabolism is still active to digest food and give you some more energy to carry out your tasks. During evenings, your digestive metabolism slows down and finally, your dinner at night should be little like a begger’s diet. This is because, if you eat too much, then you’ll not be able to digest the food which may lead to further gastric problems.

Original FX Mayr Detox| The Cure, Diet & Lifestyle Changes


These sum up the basic principles when I was at the health center. It was easier to follow when you are having your meals prepared for you.  My only worry is what will I do when I am on the outside.  Sadly I have fallen off the wagon a few types since leaving the spa.  Sugar and chocolate are my weakness, but since I have been following the  Alkaline Cure diet, my body does not like when I eat too much or put sugar in my body now.

The principles are simple to follow but require self-determination and willpower.   At the health center, I was taught a new awareness of life. My first two days were the hardest, the sugar withdrawal was the worst.  I had a headache for two days.  On the third day I felt wonderful, my skin was brighter and even the whites of my eyes were brighter.

My body was starting to accept the 5 basic principles of the cure.  I was there to rest, cleanse, train my mind, get into a new lifestyle rhythm, and a conscious abstinence for 21 days.

Original FX Mayr Detox| The Cure, Diet & Lifestyle Change

My first steps were being quite while eating, staying off my phone and buying the books to get my mind, body, and soul on track for a healthier lifestyle.  I bought The Alkaline Cure, The Alkaline Cook Book, and the Alkaline Juices & Smoothies books.

My first adventure was silent eating, which I totally adore now. I learned that your stomach is very sensitive to any kind of stress, whether it be emotional or physical in origin. Stress slows down your digestion.  As I look at my chubby stomach I feel like I have been stressed all my life.  This is one of the things I want to change, I want to get rid of my belly.


Silent and slow eating are recommended. We have to enjoy our food, taste all the delicious taste and chew slowly. We should always take time for meals. I experienced resting and focusing on my meals, breathing in the food aromas and enjoy the meal. Conscious, slow eating and proper chewing relieve your digestion.

Detox  & Nutrition

After meeting with the doctors and taking allergy test, I learned what I was allergic to and was not surprised.  I have always hated eggs and was always forced to eat them as a child. Guess what I am allergic to them, lol.  I was never really a drinker and guess what allergic to alcohol too.

Original FX Mayr Detox

Along with sugar, dairy, meat, and wheat.  My second day at the detox clinic was about to change drastically. My fast was about to change and kick start my new life.  As I sit here and write this after yesterday’s chocolate binge, it is therapeutic to revisit my time at the Detox health center. I hope I will not fall off the wagon again because my body is telling me that the little bit of chocolate and sugar my body did not like.

Original FX Mayr Detox| The Cure, Diet & Lifestyle Change

Another key element is fasting. I was on the road to recovery with the voluntary abstention from certain food and food in general for a few days.  When you first started the fasting process our body responded with stress. Then it puts our metabolism and digestive processes in economy mode.  This is why the center started us on a gentle intestinal cleanse.

This might sound harsh, but they had us drink Epsom salts and water every morning.  The concoction was like a daily garbage disposal for my colon.  But it felt cleansing I could see my chubby stomach changing in front of my eyes.  And all the toxins coming out with every bowel movement.  With the Alkaline diet, the acids and toxins are washed out thoroughly, while liver compresses, abdominal massages etc provide additional support for this cleansing process.

Original FX Mayr Detox| The Cure, Diet & Lifestyle Change

After my second day, I was happy that I had decided to give up meat and dairy long before I booked my detox.  My days started with oil swishing, drinking lots of water and holistic vitamins and mineral intake.  With morning yoga classes before breakfast.  We were instructed to drink water at least 30 minutes before each meal.

My meals at the clinic were simple.  For breakfast, I was served porridge with rice milk and two slices of pear. Lunch consisted of an Alkaline vegetable soup, maybe a homemade spread with carrots. Steamed vegetables, potatoes, gluten-free pasta, cold pressed oils, fresh herbs, and a lean fish since I do not eat meat.

Original FX Mayr Detox| The Cure, Diet & Lifestyle Changes

For a snack, we were only allowed to have a class of vegetable bouillon.  For dinner, we served a simple vegetable bouillon soup.  It was also suggested to us when we leave the center it was a good idea to skip dinner once in a while. It was reinforced to think before you eat. Before preparing a meal, take a deep breath and ask yourself ‘ Am I really hungry? Stressed? or Bored?

Yesterday I was stressed so of course, I went to eat chocolate.  Lesson learned you eat what you are craving or addicted to when you are stressed. Another major lesson I learned was the eating silently.

Original FX Mayr Detox| The Cure, Diet & Lifestyle Change

Now going to noisy restaurants do not interest me. I am also well educated about portion control, smaller plates and spoons to control how much you eat.  The funny thing is I always preferred to eat porridge with a teaspoon anyway.  The key to a healthier life is avoiding distractions, turn off the TV, and your mobile phone before your meal.  Chill and relax with the nutrition you are putting in your body.  Major lesson learned is to listen to your body and mind.

I had to approach the theory of eating according to my body’s rhythm. During the day, our body is subject to rhythmic variations- for example, heart rate, enzyme activity, and body temperature. As our inner clock is controlled by various hormones, the entire digestive process decelerates by the end of the day.

Original FX Mayr Detox| The Cure, Diet & Lifestyle Change

Insulin the storage hormone is at its highest in the morning and decreased throughout the day.  This means whenever we eat carbohydrates insulin is released.  That’s why they recommend regular meals to help our inner clocks to perform optimally; only in periods in which insulin levels are low can fat burning to begin. Regular meals eating every four to six hours are ideal for our bodies.

Original FX Mayr Detox| The Cure, Diet & Lifestyle Change

It is suggested during the night, you should allow a break from eating for about 12 hours.  The key to this Alkaline cure is water. Between meals, drinking plenty of water and unsweetened herbal teas are ideal.  No sugary or alcoholic drinks, as this will cause an insulin spike. During meals, you should not drink anything if possible, as, on the one hand, it dilutes enzymes, and on the other, chewing is usually inadequate, resulting in too much being eaten too quickly.


For me, water is always a good detector if you are just thirty or hungry.   So it makes sense to drink at least 30 minutes before you decided to eat.  I find I am not as hungry as I thought after drinking water.  I have adapted the lifestyle choice of not overeating.  I am a small woman, so it makes sense.  I already knew I did not like to eat big meals late because I could not sleep on a full stomach.

Continuing the Detox in Life

It has been about a month since I left the detox spa and I feel that I have cultivated the Alkaline lifestyle.  I sleep better, look younger, feel better and working on losing more of my core. Reducing my belly fat is more important to me.  Regular exercise and eating healthy are more important to me than ever.

Original FX Mayr Detox| The Cure, Diet & Lifestyle Change

Exercising just 30 minutes and day and eating right make more change then hitting the gym regularly with no results. In a week, I lost 3lbs following the Alkaline Cure and 30 minutes of yoga every morning and meditation a few times a week.

The hard part for me is following this routine on the outside. There is so much temptation. That is why even writing this piece is therapeutic. This is my story after a month on the outside.  I have cheated a few times,  my body is also reacting to the sugar, the unhealthy food choices and the eating after 7.

These habits don’t agree with me and I am opening my books again to make healthier lifestyle choices. The plus to it all is looking and feeling younger.  We ladies love that, this cure is the anti-plastic surgery remedy. My forehead wrinkles are disappearing!

FX Mayr

I am going to continue to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  We are living longer, so let’s make the choice to be healthier and sexier in life!

To kick-start, your new life checks out the books to teach you how to eat better and lessons in a healthier life. This amazing cure and diet will lead you to mindful eating and lifestyle choices. Part III is about all the treatments I had, so stay tuned.


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