On the Road Again: TUMI & ANNA SUI Team UP with Fashion Week Travel Accessories


It’s that time of year again, when I have to prepare myself for a month on the road. Time for the Women’s Ready to Wear collections A/W 2013-14!   Right now there are two things on my mind, what am I going to pack and what I am going to pack it all in?   My rules of thumb when travelling  are Light, Recognizable and Quick.  TUMI & ANNA SUI have teamed up making my voyage easier ,with a little LRQ  travel Must Haves from the Vapor Traveller collection.


The collaboration started last season between ANNA SUI and TUMI  when they teamed up to create a collection of travel accessories for the hipster globe trotter. The luggage collection is for a women who has needs when planning her next adventure like: what to pack her essentials in, or how to pack all the key items for the kids while on vacation.

From the mouth of ANNA SUI:  “I think Tumi products are more functional and have the  best designed on the market.” She especially likes the Vapor collection because it combines rigidity and lightness, which makes it very convenient and provides better protection for  all that is inside the cases.  From the Globe-trotter and fashion designer Anna Sui has designed this collection for all of us who are tired of black luggage.



I agree because when I make it past customs, I hate to play the spot my luggage game.  I want to get out of the airport fast; spot me luggage and go.  I also need to know where my i-Pad is because I hate to fumble around for it.


14238_iPad_Case_anna-sui (1)



The VAPOR TRAVELLER, collections is specifically dedicated to women like me, Fashionable cute, practical and light.  With an entire collection of accessories (handbags, bags for baby cosmetic bags, wallets, shoe bags, toiletry kits and iPad).  The collection includes all the style that is ANNA SUI, in colors with of summer, consisting of flowers purple, pink and orange.  This all makes life easier on the road not having to worry about where everything is.




Photo’s courtesy Tumi

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