NYX LIP CREAM- Good Deal Or Bad Deal ?

 Liquid Lipsticks: The Boom

Today I chose to talk about NYX. Matte Liquid Lipsticks have, by far, been the biggest trend of 2016 and 2017. From THE KYLIE  liquid lipsticks to every major brand releasing a Liquid Lipstick formula , you would be crazy not to be onboard with this trend! So what makes Liquid Lipsticks so popular? They are easy to apply, usually transfer proof, long-lasting, full coverage and come in a huge array of colours, from crazy to classic there is literally a shade to suit everyone! The makeup brand  NYX focused on the liquid lipstick trend and created two categories : the lip cream and the lingerie lipsticks , and both of them are MATT. All of the bloggers went on about them , swearing that they are the best but I had to try that by myself in order to give an honest review .  

The SET:

I bought a set of 3 different colors for 17,95€ and that was a good bargain knowing that the price of one lipstick was 6,5€ .The set contained 3 different colors : SEOUL PRAGUE and MILAN ( Left to right ) The pink shades are perfect for everyday to bring a touch of color to your outfit.

The test : Swatches and Lasting

Day 1 :

I picked the SEOUL lipstick and applied it to lips. The texture was a said on the package: CREAMY and I loved it. Most of the liquid lipsticks are usually either too creamy or too liquid. The texture plays an important role during the application of the product. The NYX passed the application test and was easy to put on. 2 hours after putting the lipstick the color started to fade away. I have to admit, the color is amazing so I had to give it the benefit of the doubt and applied it the second time.

Day 2 :

I didn’t want to go through the process of re applying my lipstick 300 times a day. However I had to try MILAN this time . The color was beautiful however I had to put so much product to get the shade needed. I had a coffee and a croissant this time to see if It last. TO MY BIG surprise the color didn’t move . Happy about my discovery I decided to apply Prague and see if it was the same case. 3 hours after the lipstick didn’t move.

Application Hack 101

The best way to wear this lip cream is by applying its first coat horizontally which would leave a bit of streakiness on your lips. The second coat should be applied vertically so there would be no signs of a streaky feel at all. You might feel a slight glossiness on your lips but once the cream settles down it would turn perfectly into a matte finish.

Good Deal or Bad Deal ?

Honestly , I would have to say that for the price the lipstick does the job . I mean compared to other brands for a cheaper prices , the shades are amazing and the matt creamy effect is there. One problem with the applicator is that the product gets stuck to the applicator’s sponge and it might result in excessive usage of the product, and your lip cream won’t last more than a few weeks. So I recommend this product ? As a matter of fact I do . for 17 and something euros you get 3 different shades of lipsticks that you can use for everyday.The set is literally PERFECT for a person who doesn’t want to spend so much for different shades of one color. So indeed it is a good bargain .

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