NYFW: RODARTE SPRING/SUMMER 2019 Here Comes the Rain


I have a love-hate with fashion these days.  Then, New York, fashion week begins and shows like the RODARTE SPRING/SUMMER 2019 happens.  Kate and Laura Mulleavy always want us to enter their imaginary world when you view their show. This time it rained just liked they envisioned to add the drama to the show of bewitching Haute Couture gowns and new Hollywood cocktail dresses.

As the rain  fell on their spring/summer 2019 collection it was like the had a secret covenant of  Victorian witches and Native Americans healers.   Do a rain dance for good luck. The grey and dampness created the moody aesthetic of the line a as each piece came down the runway.

For their return to the New York Fashion week calendar after a hiatus to show during Paris Haute Couture, we were all excited to have them back in New York.   As the rain fell all day, the sisters scored gold with the outdoor venue at the New York City Marble Cemetery it was meant to be.

“Going to Paris and doing a show there was an important turning point to understand where our hand is, and now it’s on our own terms. We do what we want. And I’m not interested in anything else. These are the clothes I make. Before, we’d almost be apologetic for it because people want things to be something that they’re not, but now I’m like, this is what I do. And it just has to be that.”Kate Mulleavy


On entry to the venue, guests were handed clear umbrellas. We were already wet and we just had to get used to the weather. We were in a treat to see that the entire would get soaked and that was supposed to happen. Mother nature and the sisters worked together to show a collection that was weekend with the girls dress up treasures.

A  Rodarte show is always over the top and takes you to a magical world of fashion where Queens and Princess play nice in their kingdoms. Ladies love lace and it was structured on the garments.  In New York’s Marble Cemetery, the Mulleavys staged the ’80s- disco celebration. 

 Complete with enormous pouf-sleeved gowns, rose-studded updos, and Bohemian floral maxi dresses. The sister duo combined a little haute couture and luxe leisure wear.  There were also short, sassy leather outfits— inspired by Shelley Long’s outfits in Troop Beverly Hills? The sisters admitted to watching the movie in their hotel room this week.

Rain brings flowers and the hint of Spring, so the sister was inspired by things that grow and flowers. The cast of models was inclusive and represented the gumbo of cultures that reflects the history of The United States. 

The collection was as if they were costumes for a Tim Burton movie. The miles of lace and acres of tulle and a rainbow full of primary colors, the women gave a new soul to the ghost of the past coming to haunt the runway in New York.

Fashion always needs a new breath of life to make us believe in the aspirational world of fashion and the Kate and Laura Mulleavy the sister duo behind RODARTE helped bring art and fairytale back to New York Fashion Week. Haute Couture magic came to New York ends with a little gothic styled bride.

Photo credit RODARTE



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