NuMe Power Couple from Straight to Curly Hair in Minutes

by Charlotte Smith
The NuMe Fashionista Hair Straightener and Classic Curling Wand Want hair with some b

Want hair with some bounce? NuMe Fashionista Hair Straightener and Classic Curling Wand go with you around the world. For vacation and everyday hair.

That is something our resident Hair Stylist, Makeup artist, and Photographer Sergio Corvacho completed. He carried the NuMe Power Couple with him around the world from Paris to Peru. He’s currently styling away on his jobs. He even started his own Youtube tutorial adventures. He swirled our team’s hair too. We love how he uses the styling glove that comes with it to protect his hands.

The NuMe Power Couple

The Power Couple includes a 100 per cent tourmaline ceramic hair straightener and 25mm classic curling wand. You can get a variety of hairstyles including flips, waves, curls and straight. With the combination of infrared heat, ionic, and tourmaline ceramic gives you frizz-free hydrated hairstyles in every single use. The set also includes a styling comb, heat-resistant glove, mat, and a convenient travel case. Furthermore, it is safe for all hair types.

I change my hair often. The Power Couple hair kit is superb for my hair. Additionally, the women on our team. We travel a lot around the globe. Sometimes owning a hair dryer can add additional weight. A professional hair tool like this one, helps us save baggage space. All for one and one for all. Thank you, Sergio, for teaching us the basics on how to get boss results out of it.

Our Style Cartel team has a mixture of textures and lengths. At the present moment, we are all changing the way we look from short to long straight to curly and wearing it natural in between sometimes too.

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