Nügg – Nuggets of Natural Goodness for Your Skin

This Beauty Wednesday we are introducing you to nügg™ Face Masks, prestige quality skin treatment products at an accessible price. Backed by innovative technology and outstanding formulations, nügg™ offers a full range of award-winning portion-sized face mask pods that address different skin concerns as well as a 100% natural and vegan lip mask.


nügg™ face masks are manufactured with an innovative Natural Oil Dispersion Technology that uses physics instead of chemistry to blend oil and water which avoids the use of chemical emulsifiers that can impair the natural skin barrier function. All masks are formulated with over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients and without petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances and synthetic colours.

Each “nügg™” targets different skin care needs with a unique blend of natural or naturally derived ingredients, while all of them hydrate and soothe the skin and help enhance the skin barrier function.

In addition to creating outstanding formulations, nügg™ is also committed to make its masks fun and practical through unique and innovative packaging. nügg™ Face Masks come in innovative, eye-catching 10ml single use pods that ensure that product remains fresh, avoid oxidation and allow customers to choose the face mask that treats their current skin care concern without the longer-term commitment that comes with bigger packaging sizes. nügg™ eye masks come in portable stick packs that contain enough for one use and can easily be stored in the fridge for additional cooling.  The 100% natural nügg™ lip mask is packaged in cute-yet-elegant golden spheres that are perfect to take along and look beautiful on any vanity.

About the author

GOSIA KRAJEWSKI Fashion, Mommy blogger & Beauty Features Editor at Style Cartel. Former Senior Account Executive at JWPR (Capsule Comms) Worked for Marie Claire & Instyle