Horoscope | November, 27th and The Weekly Foresight

November,27th and The Weekly Foresight 

#MONDAY27th, Crescent Moon in Pisces. Starting at 3AM gmt, Neptune is in action. The night can be full of confused dreams. Some people feel the weight of insomnia and wake up in this sea of ​​water. Between 9AM gmt and Midnight, we received shocks from the confrontation between Uranus and Venus. It’s not much fun. At 2:50PM, another electric discharge of the YOD formed between Pluto, Lunar Node and Moon. It is the destination to charge something that should have been done. With Pluto in the area, there are disruptions. With Moon in Pisces in the area, there is sobbing. How to deal?

Well … the week is great learning. It goes from ecstasy to martyrdom. From commemoration to burial. Let’s live all the scenarios. Some opening business and celebrating good sales. Others closing the doors. People will start at new jobs. Others will leave their jobs on November 30th.

When the scenario is complex, we should keep our focus on Mercury. This cerebral Planet assures us that it will be next to Saturn until the morning of the 30th. It will be the voice of consciousness. After 11AM on the 30th, Mercury does not give the same support. This is where the karmic resource comes in. Everything you carry as a spiritual relic has to be used. Wisdom, discernment, and calm Eternal innerity. Remember that EVERYTHING is IMPERMANENT on Earth. The old man has to die so the new can be born. Allow yourself to be Impermanent.

#TUESDAY, 28TH, excellent day.

#WEDNESDAY, 29th, excellent day until 8PM gmt.

#THURSDAY, 30th, complex day. Avoid compromises.

#FRIDAY, 01st, prosperous day and with good commercial results. Festive day!

#SATURDAY, 02nd, auspicious day for recovery from the exaggerations of yesterday.

#SUNDAY, 03rd, MERCURY RETROGRADE! Delays, mismatches and loss of information. Check everything several times to make sure there is no mistake. Be flexible!

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LOVE goes through intense moments with Venus in Sagittarius. All goes well until the 01st. The exaggerations and disagreements begin at Noon on 01st and increase until the end of 03rd. The communication between the pair is confusing. These are days with excesses that can end in disruptions. The #SINGLES also live this euphoria. There is a lot of interest in meetings and good conversations, but everything could end up in a short circuit of the electric Moon in Gemini on the 03. Days of fun. It’s not a week to make a commitment or marry. Just live the moment safely.

#REPORT of violence for the Planet on 28th and 30th of NOV. 01st and 02nd of December.

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