Non-leather chic: Perfect Partner

by Mee Jong

Perfect Partner: Perfect Combination

After scrolling through Instagram in hope to find an interesting brand with a story to tell, I came to a realization that brands are pretty much following the same rules.

Either using leather for a luxurious image or using polyester fabrics for cheaper production. Synthetic leather for the knockoff of runways lux.

So I thought to myself, is there a brand that dares to do something different? Maybe, stop worrying about monetizing the brand but focuses more on the value it delivers to the users?

Then I found Perfect Partner.

The story of this brand started when two friends met in an Italian class abroad. One talked about dreaming of creating something of value, something with design, something with a message. Another thought about differentiating themselves from the mass. They joined hands and created an accessories brand that provides a chic and cool sense of style you would normally get from using leather, but with less damage to nature. It’s called “Kraft Tex”.

“Kraft Tex” is nothing new, it’s probably on the back of your denim, or parts of other clothing items. Kraft Tex is a paper-leather-like material that reminds me of the sustainability movement in fashion, something we talked about a lot in Fashion schools.

In Thailand, it’s still a matter of time before sustainability becomes a hot topic. Until then, I’m glad to see brands are starting to offer alternatives to conventional material in fashion such as leather.

After testing the product myself, what is so loveable about this brand is the combination of simple design and durability of the product. You can use it without too many worries on it getting wrinkly or looking old. It’s actually the selling point in my opinion. The more you use it, the more it’s personalized to you. All the marks, the wrinkle, or folds are the result of your movement while using them. That’s pretty cool! Moreover, it’s a perfect gift for your male friends/ boyfriend because of how unisex the designs are.

I’m sure there are more amazing brands out there in the market, and I’m on my mission to introduce them to you! Let us know what do you think of Perfect Partner! Check out their Instagram for more product images.

perfect partner tote

Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong

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