A Pink Party No Makeup Makeup featuring Rouge Bunny Rouge

by Charlotte Smith

 No Makeup Tutorial

When new products come in to try like Rouge Bunny Rouge we give them to our resident makeup artist Sergio Corvacho.  We love to share products with him to use in his daily professional makeup artist life and pop into his makeup bag. We all use them to see how we use them in our daily lives too.

With party season in full swing, we decided to feature a makeup tutorial for women like us always on the go, but who still want to look like they made an effort to highlight their beautiful features.  Sergio makes it look, so easy. With the brands that are great a mix of something old and something new. Add a little Pink to your party makeup mood.

A Pink Party No Makeup Makeup featuring Rouge Bunny

Look featuring Rouge Bunny Rouge

Our tutorial features the beautiful  LUCIANA FERNANDEZ.  With such a beautiful complexion why hide that beautiful skin with an over the top holiday makeup look.  Sergio decided just to K.I.S.S.  it with a little pink to the cheeks and keep the rest simple.  

Sergio created exclusively this idea and dedicated it to women who have little time in front of the mirror, to get ready, look polishes and presentable for example in the morning. You will be amazed to see the small number of products, to maintain his, NO MAKEUP MAKEUP LOOK!   So how do women create makeup without makeup look?

From the moment we start to delay, it means that it is no longer MAKEUP MAKEUP, rather the makeup becomes a cosmetic application like any other that we can see in a department store, where the only thing that matters is to sell, whatever it is, worse to sell.

Sergio Corvacho No Makeup Makeup Tips

The products 

1.- Do not use base, but if this magical product of Natura bisse, disguises very well the fatigue of the eyes and the imperfections without covering them like a paste of cement, it only conceals them, with which the skin, is still skin, and not a shoe carton.

https: //www.naturabisse.com/int/en/th ...

2.- Following the product line in cream, cream, or liquid form, I decided to opt for this creamy formula, in a wine tone, a quite transparent but intense tone, to give colour to the cheeks, and eyelids.

https: //en.rougebunnyrouge.com/make-u …

3.- To give brightness to the cheekbones, eyes and nose, opt for this wonderful illuminator, Josie Maran.

https: //www.josiemarancosmetics.com/s 

4.- And to finish the delicate touch of very natural but favoured eyebrows and eyebrows:

https: //www.maybelline.com/eye-makeup

If there is a trick you would like to learn or a look you would like us to feature please leave a comment below.  Let us know if you try these tips.

Hair/Makeup/Photos  Sergio Corvacho

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