Nivea Shower Gel for a moisturized skin | Honest Review

We all know that pain of having to moisture our entire body after showering. Some of us will find relaxation doing it, others will look at it as a burden. I am the second type. I have dry skin, and after showering, I have to moisturize right away if I don’t want to feel like a crocodile.

Scents are usually the fisrt thing I think about when it comes to moisturizers, my favorites must be coconut and mango. The scents do everything to me.

Moisturizing In-Shower Gel by NIVEA

In order to facilitate my life, I decided to follow the trend of moisturizing shower gel. I bought two of the same brand. I got the second one for half the price. And if I have one piece of advice to give you, it’s to not buy several bottles of a product you never tried. I wish I didn’t. Because this shower gel is not as good as I thought it would be.

Nivea is a specialised skin care brand. I didn’t think I would be disappointed. That’s why I bought two bottles, I had a blind trust with them.

I have been using it for the past two months, and honestly I didn’t see any difference on my skin. It is still as dry as it was. I thought that it would at least moisturize my skin a little bit. But it didn’t at all. I still use my moisturizing cream afterwards.

Overall, I saw zero improvement on my skin. Plus there is no scent to it, which I found disappointing. But I gave it a try anyway, if it could moisturize my body, I wouldn’t be picky about the scents.

I have seen many sponsored reviews on those type of products, but I just can’t know if the opinions are genuine. I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Have you tried any moisturizing shower gels ? Which brand and does it actually work for you ?

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