Model Crush| New Face Simone Rochelle Chapman

by Charlotte Smith

 New Face Simone Rochelle Chapman

New Face Simone Rochelle Chapman is a mixed race borderline androgynous model who is trying to discover where she fit’s in the modeling industry.  We caught up with this young lady in East London. Where we chatted and took a few pictures of a few sporty looks. 


Full Name: Simone Rochelle Chapman

Where from London, England

Ethnicity: Mixed British/Caribbean

Social Media: Instagram: @simonechapman_ Snapchat: simatron Twitter: @SimoneChapman

Agency: Named Models

City Based In London



SC: What was your first memory of fashion?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: My first memory of fashion was definitely Naomi Campbell’s 1987 Vogue cover, I wasn’t around then but my mum had a copy of it that I found when I was maybe 5. I didn’t really know then but the older I get the more I understand how important that magazine cover is for black women and breaking racial barriers within the industry.  

Model Crush| New Face Simone Rochelle Chapman

SC: How were you discovered?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: I was scouted at Lovebox music festival by the lovely Lydia Pendred


SC: What has been your favorite modeling career moment so far?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: My favorite modeling career moment so far has been just seeing collections before they’ve even debuted, it’s a huge privilege


SC: What is your signature feature?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: Definitely my freckles.

Model Crush Monday New Face

Model Crush| New Face Simone Rochelle Chapman

SC: Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: Instagram for sure.  

SC: Who is your dream designer to walk or work for?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: Calvin Klein is my ultimate career goal, underwear in particularly

Model Crush| New Face Simone Rochelle Chapman

Drifter, ‘Vitamin D’ hoodie, £220

SC: What is your must have on the road beauty product?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: Ready Set Brow Gel By Benefit, keeps the brows fleeky

SC: What are you up to when you’re not modeling?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: I am either at university studying architecture or out exploring galleries.

SC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: Hopefully in a nice apartment in New York further along in whatever career I choose to pursue


Model Crush| New Face Simone Rochelle Chapman

Drifter, dark army pullover, £138

SC: What model do you look up to?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: Mayowa Nicholas, she’s done so much in such a short space of time  

SC: What would you change about the modeling game?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: I’d love to see more gender fluidity in fashion I love androgyny and the idea of not complying to gender roles. It’s something I’d like to see become more prominent and explore in my modeling career.


Model Crush| New Face Simone Rochelle Chapman

Drifter, pink oversized hoodie, £205

SC: What are you listening to right now?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: Either Tyler The Creator’s Flower Boy album (in love with it) or Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia Ultra Mixtape Or Anything Childish Gambino

SC: If I were a casting agent why should I book you?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: You should book me because my work ethic is strong and I produce results

SC: Runway or Commercial?

Simone Rochelle Chapman: Hard question but commercial.  


Hair/Makeup/Photos ChaCha NYC

Art Direction Sofi Penton

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