NEW Dr Brown’s Options Bottle

STYLE CARTEL MOM – NEW Dr Brown’s Options Bottle

Here at Style Cartel we love Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Feeding Bottles. The full range includes baby bottles, teats, trainer cups, cleaning products and a full collection of accessories.

Brown’s bottles are recognised by both parents and Healthcare Professionals as an effective way of minimising problems that can arise from feeding. Dr Brown’s Natural Flow lets babies feed much more comfortably as many of the sources of discomfort such as bubbles and vacuum build up within the bottle are immediately eliminated. This helps reduce colic symptoms, burping, wind, fluid in the ear and even teat collapse. BROWN'S The same trusted bottle, now with added benefits

Historically the brand has been perceived as a ‘problem – solution’ bottle. New convertible bottle Dr Brown’s Options which lets parents decide whether to use the bottle with or without the green vent system.

Two Vent Options. One Proven Bottle

The bottles have been designed to give parents the power of choice, so that as their baby grows and feeding becomes more developed, they now have the option to remove the vent. Dr Brown’s Options is the complete new feeding system that grows with baby and helps alleviate symptoms of colic.

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