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We recently had a chance to test fantastic new baby bouncer from Chicco. the The new Balloon Bouncer is designed to offer ultimate comfort for your baby, whilst also boasting a range of fun and entertaining features. The bouncer has an interactive and electronic toy panel, with light and melodies, to relax and entertain you baby.You have the possibility to choose different natural sounds, relaxing lullabies and funny melodies. Moreover, you can record your voice for 30 seconds, so that your baby can always feel close to you! The electronic console can be detached from the bouncer and attached to the bed panel, thanks to the dedicated drawstring, to cuddle your baby while is falling asleep. Baby Matylda was absolutely delighted that she could hear her mummy’s voice when she was in her cot.

chicco balloon bouncer

The toy panel has 3 funny pendants to stimulate the tactile and psychological skills of your baby. They are absolutely brilliant because they keep baby entertained even of you are busy doing something else. Soft removable full body booster cushion creates a cosy and comfortable place for your baby to relax. Balloon has a modular reducer and headrest adjustable in 3 positions. This means that it can follow each step of your child growth, from birth up to 6 months. Once the baby is growth, you can remove both the cushion and the reducer. It means that the rocker can be perfectly tailored to suit every little one. Utmost comfort!

And another very important feature that we are very excited about is the vibration box for a complete relaxation both your baby’s and yours! Plus the bouncer can be easily transformed into a rocking chair, so it is perfectly suitable for older baby too. What’s not to love? Baby Matylda sleeps peacefully in the Balloon bouncer at the moment which is the best recommendation.


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