Nails | Get the blue with Kure Bazaar’s “Rock Star”

Yes, this is summer. Yet, I love to wear dark colors on my nails. Most people and beauty gurus will tell you that this electric blue color is a fall color. It might be true, but nothing forbids you to wear the shade you want. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder !

I have tried Kure Bazaar nail polishes before, but I have never fully fallen in love with them. I have tried for the most part neutral and pastel colors, and I found them not intense at all. Even with two coats, my nails were still showing underneath, which I didn’t like.

So, imagine my surprise when I tried this « Rock Star » shade and discovered it was a one coater ! I was definitely into it.

For those who don’t know this brand, Kure Bazaar is a cruelty-free, affordable nail polish brand. The brand was created in France by the ex-model Kartika Luyet. She decided to create her own nail polish line after getting pregnant with her first baby. She got more self-conscious about what she wore on her nails, so she partnered with a laboratory to create the perfect and cruelty-free nail polish range.

The products are 100% natural, there is nothing that goes against the environment in it.

That’s probably why the pastel colors are, in my opinion of course, not as intense as I would like them to be. But with this electric blue color, I have to admit the surprise was unexpected.

The brand offers a Blue Jeans Line, in which you can find four colors, including the one I am wearing.

Shades : Rock Star, Mon Bleu, Hipster, Stone Wash

As I said, the color is really intense. It is important to wear a base coat underneath, otherwise you will end up with residue of colors on your nails. The finish of the nail polish is really shiny, I don’t think it is necessary to wear a top coat, but of course you can. It will make the color stay on longer.

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