NAILS & BROWS Mayfair London: The 9-5 Women’s Beauty Mecca

by Charlotte Smith


NAILS & BROWS Mayfair London Beauty Hotspot

 Like New York, London has a ton of places to stay polished.  Again we went on the hunt to find a stupendous place to get your nails done, facials, eyebrows and lashes did too. Voila, we found the ideal place in Mayfair, London NAILS & BROWS.   Like in New York you can go to the around the way girl salon or get a little bougie. I would always rather go bougie because of the perks!



 In 2019 we continue our healthy lifestyle that includes well being and searching for alternative methods to beauty rituals.   It is all about mind, body and soul this year.  This 9-5 woman does not have time to wait to get pampered.  She is willing to pay for excellent service with a smile and a little conversation.

Sherille Riley, the owner of the Nails & Brows Mayfair opened the first, luxury concept nail and brow styling boutique in London offering both service and expertise. The boutique offers a bespoke, expert approach that promotes natural beauty and individual style. Since opening in 2014 Founder Sherrille Riley has hand-picked an extensive team of highly qualified specialists, put them through her beauty-boot camp training allowing clients to enjoy in-depth consultations and expert results. Riley’s expertise has ensured that Nails & Brows has become the go-to beauty destination for magazine editors, celebrity clients and the international fashion crowd.

The 9-5 Women’s Beauty Mecca In Mayfair

NAILS & BROWS Mayfair London: The 9-5 Women's Beauty Mecca

After finding her styling boutique I have become a regular at the beauty boutique.  They now take care of me from top to bottom and in between if you get what I am saying.   The staff are down with the Tribe of Sherille Riley.   Always willing to conversate about the treatments on offer, beauty products and tips on keeping your skin healthy. 

Every time I book an appointment I try something new at the salon.  They always call to remind me a day in advance that I have an appointment.  They know if I I have not put it in my diary I might forget.  Thank you NAILS & BROWS  for those genital reminders.

NAILS & BROWS Mayfair London: The 9-5 Women's Beauty Mecca


“Defining what’s naturally yours”

I always feel like I learn something new when I pop in to get my nails done, or eyebrows shaped.  I also get a bikini wax there too now.  All the technicians have dove like hands. Now sitting in a chair,  is like a cool girls hangout afternoon or evening session.   Where you can sip on tea or champagne and network too.


The First, Luxury Concept Nail &  Brow Styling Boutique

The boutique is open late, ideal for us women who hate rushing.  When you arrive you are welcomed with a cool playlist playing in the background and a little runway fashion on the TV. Now you can put your phone done and put your feet up.  It is your time to pamper and polish yourself. You may sit next to a fellow Londoner or someone from abroad,  Say hello new friend.


The team of technicians are also sprinkled with a little spice and honey.  All are welcome and clients leave with smiles on their faces.  It is my 5th time getting pampered by their hands and have already booked two more for the coming weeks.  If you are in London and need your nails and brows done look no further we highly recommend this luxury beauty mecca in Mayfair.

Here is to walking in the salon a month ago with acrylic nails, Sherille telling’ me we will work together on growing your real nails. ‘ To my nails being healthy, the team removing my acrylic nails and now only having Shellac Nail Polish on.  Next, if I want to go without they also have my favourite nail polish brand Kure Bazaar on hand.

NAILS & BROWS Mayfair London

Nails & Brows 31 Berkeley Street Mayfair, London W1J 8EJ 020 7499 5245

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