Saturday Style |Naadam Cashmere New Luxury Basics

by Charlotte Smith

Style Editor here and working on another Outfit Of the Day Post for a little Saturday Style  focused on New Luxury Basics brand ​Naadam Cashmere. Here I have put together and #OOTD look with their Ribbed Tunic for a classic casual cool ensemble. I have been on the road for the last 2 months for fashion weeks. We have covered fashion week from New York to Istanbul and reviewd hotels and spa’s along the way. The key to traveling for months at a time is packing lightly and only carrying key pieces that can go with anything. Especially when you spend the end of summer to early fall on the road. A key piece in my suitcase is my cashmere ribbed tunic from ​Naadam Cashmere, it’s chic, casual and cool. The tunic is also the key to my layering looks and secret to keeping warm when temperatures drop. Here I am on my way to meet emerging designers in Istanbul, Turkey and this casual chic look works for my day of meetings.

When I first spotted the cashmere ribbed tunic I thought I wanted it in black, but now that I have worn it a few times I am happy that I chose the beige color. I wear black a lot and I think the color livens up my wardrobe and keeps me warm.

Naadam Cashmere New Luxury Basics

Get the Look:Turban by Brothers and Sisters,Button down shirt by More Than Just Fig Leaves, Ribbed Tunic by Naadam Cashmere, Black jeans by Neuw Denim, Espadrilles by  Soludo and tote bag by Givenchy.

Naadam is a luxury fashion brand driven by authenticity, committed to superior quality connecting a global perspective through a modern aesthetic. When you open the box that your new luxury cashmere comes in it’s like sheer luxe, the cashmere feels like butter on the skin. What I really admire about the Naadam Cashmere, is the brand’s fashion codes and their mission to source and produce the world’s finest fibers, while preserving the values and livelihood of their herders.

New Luxury Basics

Yes, I also like to hunt for ethical brands that I will be proud to wear for many years. When I select pieces for my wardrobe these days I look for items that are worth it, what I like to call New Luxury. Another key factor for me is fashion for a cause. I am more inclined to purchase items that are ethically sourced and give back to the artisans that helped create the garment. Naadam Cashmere does just that, their business model works cyclically, circulating a percentage of their profits to reserve the herders livestock through annual vaccination programs. They process all their cashmere in centuries old, Italian mills, spinning the finest yarns in the world harnessing the superior quality of Mongolia’s noble fiber. These days if you pay for luxury garments you want to know where your money is going.

The Naadam Cashmere Ribbed Tunic has been my wardrobe essential for a few weeks and is easy to pack, wear and take care of. I am also into modest dressing these days and do not feel the need to bear it all. I am more into looking polished and sexy in a piece like this ribbed tunic, because it flatters the best parts of my figure and hides the not so sexy parts of my body.

Shot on Location in Istanbul, Turkey

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Photos by Rudy de Monteiro




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