My Favorite Place to Stay Fit: BLOK London

by Charlotte Smith
My Favorite Place to Stay Fit: BLOK London

Where to Stay Fit In 2019: BLOK London

As I sit here in the home of my new boyfriend the East London boutique fitness club BLOK London, writing this fitness piece sipping on my chocbuster with a little peanut butter shake.   Yes,  I am bougie and single.  Best time to concentrate on the revenge body! We just finished an amazing Power Yoga class for 90 minutes with yogi Rishin.  The class was the right amount of poses and spiritually that I needed. From their signature shakes to vegan coconut porridge, Blok London believes quality is paramount which is why they’ve collaborated with health & fitness industry leaders, innermost nutrition, to provide the most effective products that will supplement your health and wellbeing. Made to order, shakes & smoothies can be pre-ordered online* or from reception when you arrive.






















This is one of the reasons I have huge amour for this studio.  After spinning for 2 years with an off and on personal trainer sessions, who suggested I mix up my work out more.  2019 is the year to shake it off, dance, sweat, and stretch.  Blok catered to my new outlook on fitness and had a mix of classes that I liked.

I am not a treadmill or working out in gyms girl. Too many distractions and opportunities to be on your phone snapping every move.  I did not want that I wanted a 45-60 minute workout with no interruptions. Where I do not have idle time to look at other bodies because I am busy moving, making sure my shoulders are down and sweating.

BLOK London  Boutique Fitness Club






















I am a digital career woman who appreciates time off from her phone and computer.  I desire instructors and a studio that is warm, friendly and hands-on.  Blok provides the yoga on day’s you need to spread out your spine,  stand up tall with a Barre class with Taofique. Where you burn off those cookies and walk out of his class feeling like a dancer with a big smile on your face.

Located on the border of Shoreditch and the city, just 3 minutes walk from Liverpool street station, BLOK Shoreditch is situated in the Norman Foster-designed principal place development. Multidisciplinary and modern, this is the second location for BLOK London, where award-winning boutique fitness meets art, design, and fashion.

Boutique Fitness Club Classes

No, I do not want my followers to see my hair after an intense workout.   I have replaced sugar and wasting time to hanging out in the East side of town.  Having a love affair with the coaches, trainers, classes, and staff at the Shoreditch location. The coaches are hands-on and are always in a good mood with a smile on their faces. You can order a healthy cocktail for after class and have it waiting for you in the juice bar.  Where you can shop for healthy snacks, activewear or hang out in the art gallery/juice bar and work on your laptop and use the free wifi.






















 Boutique Fitness

Hosting an array of classes seen previously in Clapton as well as introducing new challenges designed specifically for the new space, BLOK Shoreditch offers over 180 classes per week with 32 different types of class. Since moving to London from Paris about a year ago a lot has changed. The one thing that hasn’t changed is my healthy lifestyle.  The challenge is finding the time to move your body each day. That is why the boutique fitness club Blok London fits into my life.   I work in the neighbourhood in digital advertising, so a protein shake to go is sometimes lunch. I have mainly taken Barre, Power Yoga, Dynamic Vinyasa with Paleta who is amazing and spiritual too, Cardio Killer with  Corinne who will KICK YOUR ASS! 2019 is all about doing things you have not done before and the classes at BLOK tick a few boxes.






















My next challenge is going to take a boxing class.  This was the main attraction when I looked into the fitness club.   I guess I was scared to try it.

My new year’s resolution is to attend a few boxing classes and get this body tight for spring. To get ready I joined the tribe who attend the BLOK STRENGTH class with Taofique, if you have seen his body you know why. Stay tuned to Instagram to watch my body transform.


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