Muslim Dating apps  Halah Hook Ups or Haram Meet Ups?

by Charlotte Smith

Muslim Dating Halah or Haram?

Now that winter is almost here even Muslims are on the hunt to meet someone.  Whether it’s for love and marriage or conversation.  In London now companies like the Muzmatch dating apps are running ads on the tube.  It’s love that hard even for Muslims to find?

Are you a practising or semi-practising Muslim looking to get married.  Have you tried online dating?  We have done some research and it just has hard to find love in the Muslim world like it for the rest of the world.  Yet we found that a lot of these apps are no different then Tinder.

We Spent A Month Swiping on Minder, the Muslim Tinder and Muzmatch amongst others too.  The first conversations generally start like this: “Hey”. “Hi”. “Hi”. “Hey”. “Hey”. “Wussup.” ” Salams” If you thought Muslim dating apps would be different, you’re wrong.  It is just like Tinder or Bumble.

Muslim Dating Advice

Muslim Dating apps  Hallah Hook Ups or Haram Meet Ups?

Many of the women and men we interviewed have told us stories about what goes on behind a DM in your inbox.  You would be really surprised to find out that a lot of practising Muslims are dating like everyone else and having sex.  Mostly behind their parents back at any age. One sister said she was having more sex than ever.

If you want to give them a test run here are a few things you should know about. Muzmatch is where single Muslims meet and get up to a lot of naughty things in the DM’s.  The Tinder just for Muslims. It’s called Minder according to its website, it’s the place “for awesome Muslims to meet.”  On the other hand, our research finds stories that The Cut should post in their Sex Diaries stories.

When it comes to love, dating and sex, Muslims are often absent from the conversation. From Muslim dating apps to halal sex shops selling halal condoms, it’s clear that Muslims are a big market for intimacy, romance and love just like the rest of the single and not so single world.   On the other hand, Muslims do not talk about sex in the digital age.  Yes, Muslims are hooking up and have sex before marriage. Even though, due to strict rules on sex and dating outside marriage, it is seen as a sin.

Hallah Hook Ups or Haram Meet Up

However, that doesn’t mean the religion is anti-sex (for married couples, at least). Quite the contrary. Islam has long preached sexual gratification – from scripture emphasising that a woman’s sexual pleasure is equally as important as her husband’s, to a heavy focus on foreplay, to numerous books on how to sexually satisfy a woman.
In today’s digitally addicted world, not all single Muslims finds love in the same way; what one person thinks may be at odds with another. And don’t be fooled into thinking arranged marriages are a traditional trajectory – one person may be staunchly “no nikah, no nookie” (no sex before marriage).  While other actively look for a husband on a Muslim dating site, and another may not find dating and premarital sex not such an issue.  The guys are doing it so why can’t I.
Challenging the view that Muslims aren’t a monolith isn’t the only battle, either; many young Muslims struggle with an older generation which expects them not to have dated in their teens and adulthood but to have found someone compatible to marry by their early to mid-20s. Given that most people in their 20s and 30s are part of the Tinder generation, is it any wonder conversations about relationships both in the Muslim community and outside are so taboo?
Another question is how does a Muslim revert find a partner?  With no Muslim family member to hook them up. Some of the sisters find it difficult and on these apps, many brothers think a revert will give it up without commitment.  One sister said she met a brother who wanted to”fuck like a porn star,” but on his profile, he said,” he was looking for a sister to pray next to!”
While others have found love on Instagram even though the brother slid up into her DM’s.  Muslims do find love on the internet too. It is all up to the people involved to take things further.
So how do young women and men grapple with the conflict between religion and a Tinder hook-up culture? How do they align their religious values with a society where sex is quite literally a swipe away? Very carefully and ask questions ladies.

Muslim Dating Apps Stories

Another sister tells the tale of meeting a brother who looked cute in his pictures.  Omitting the fact that he was disabled.  She only found out when they started walking and realized that he had a problem with his foot.  Everyone needs love.
Love is a medicine and we should not be embarrassed about but finding love on the internet. It is the same for religious and non-religious singles.  We are all after the same thing.  Brothers sometimes pretend to keep it hallah, but sometimes are after the fun with no commitment.
I wonder if meeting people in real life again will become a trend? If you have a story you would like to share please leave a comment.  We would love to hear about your experiences too.


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