Motherhood – Confession of Not So Perfect Mom

by Gosia Krajewski

STYLE CARTEL MOM – Motherhood – Confession of Not So Perfect Mom

How often do you watch those glamorous, perfectly dressed, super slim two months after giving birth and holding their ideal looking babies mums, and think…am I doing something wrong? Or why I cannot go out with my newborn without running home after less than 30 minutes walk with poo all over buggy, or child screaming their lungs out?

I felt like that with Matylda when she was born. I was literally scared to go out with her on my own, because there were so many things that I felt that I couldn’t handle…even her crying like something bad was happening to her, and all those people around were giving me the judging look. It always made me feel so inadequate. I was trying my best, and yet it was never enough.

I started following some of the super mums’ blogs out there looking for inspiration how to handle things better with the newborn. But after a good few weeks of seeing those mums who go out shopping, then hit the gym, go to hairdressers..all with their tiny tot on their hands, I couldn’t take it. Instead of making me feel better, inspiring me to do things differently, they made me depressed. I wasn’t able to do any of that and still have time to do my hair, make up, smile for the pics. How the hell do they all do that?

Unrealistic expectations

Don’t even get me started on that Kate Middleton appearance two hours after giving birth looking so fresh and beautiful. This is all so fake. No real mums can actually do that all looking perfect all the time, and juggling everyday life. Media is presenting so unrealistic expectations for mums, that is it actually scary. I am not saying that we cannot look our best sometimes, but it is certainly not possible to look perfect every day with a little child that sucks out the life out of you for the first few months of their precious lives.

not so perfect mom

I love my little girl so much, but when I had a chance to go out with my girlfriends, I was so over the moon! And no…I didn’t even think of my child for one split second! She was safe with her daddy, so I knew, that I can just be a woman for that one evening. Feel myself again. And I unfollowed those unrealistically glamorous mommy bloggers, because I am not so perfect, real mom. Mom who deals with sleepless nights, poo all over her clothes, and doesn’t pretend to her the super powers. Mom, who loves her child…but also loves herself and stays true to herself.

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