Moncler collaborates with Parisian artist Delhomme


The Paris based illustrator, painter and cultural writer Jeanne-Philippe Delhomme, who has contributed to numerous magazines around the world before, now collaborates with Moncler. Spring/Summer 2017 collection of the brand tells its story through the POSTCARD series.


one of the Delhomme’s exclusive printing


The prints of Jeanne Philippe Delhomme are inspired by the famous beaches from Venice Beach to Saint Tropez, taking in Capri and Positano along way. Collection’s color palette is related to its theme as well. Shades mostly include sand, sunny yellow, bright blue, scarlet red and white. The collection colors’ is a real proof of summer-coming clothes.

At the same time, the sporty form of the pieces in the collection obtains iconic each clothe out for the brand. As shades are very simple and minimalistic, Moncler always keeps its classic image out to their loyal customer and do not disappoint them at all.

For women’s pieces, they have sand shaded short and trousers. The basic white t-shirts and big beach bags have Delhomme’s exclusive paints printed on them. For men’s pieces, there are bermuda shorts on different shades of colors. Adding on that, there are jackets with the prints on them. They look like very sporty beach suitable clothes. The special embroideries made after the digital printing process give the fabric a three-dimensional effect. Also, this undergoes resin coating before printing, washing and, embroidering process.

The brand has made it to top as every year with a different concept and perspective. In the mean time, the harmonized effort with a little bit of French touch this time has built much success. The result is a mood which unites technology and research verging on craftsmanship with function and metropolitan practicality.

We all will keep an eye onto the upcoming collection of the brand! Each year, they create a massive collection for us and they become the timeless sport apparels, viva la Moncler!



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