Trying the glorified Modern Renaissance | Anastasia Beverly Hills

In this time where every beauty editor and blogger talk about the Subculture palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, here I am breaking the mold by talking about an other palette : Modern Renaissance.

Pretty much the entire beauty community raved about this product, this is probably why the Subculture palette was so anticipated. In this case, I am not breaking the mold. I love this palette.

I love neutral colors, and I die for warm shades. Modern Renaissance provides everything a girl like me could possibly want.

The packaging is extremely chic, with a velvety light-purple container. I like that they kept the name simple and white. It’s all it needs.

The palette contains fourteen shades, all more beautiful than the others. It is tough to pick one favorite shade, but as a neutral girl, I have to say that the color Antique Bronze is the one I see myself use on a daily basis.

All the Modern shades

I only have two regrets about this product. The first is that the only thing missing in this palette is a matte black color. Even though Cyprus Amber is a very dark brown, nothing can replace a matte black.

The second is that Venetian red and Love Letter are both berry shades, and they look very much alike. I would have loved a darker version of this shade, like a very vampy purple.

Tempera is a very pretty base color that you can use to even out our lids. Vermeer is my favorite shade to highlight the inner corner of my eyes, along with Primavera. Depending on your skin tone, Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange are the perfect transition shade that you can use on your crease.

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