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Today’s focus is one of our model gal pals IRINA KRAVCHENKO. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow as a model always staying as sweet as when she first started modelling in 2012. She can give you a serious pout on the runway, but get her on the dance floor and it’s a totally different story. Her big break came when Alexander Wang handpicked her to open his Spring ’13 show, she’s appeared in ad campaigns for Valentino, Prada, and Hugo Boss, and has walked in a total 46 shows during the last Fall 2015 season. A little known fact about Irina: Before she was scouted she designed cover art for children’s books and tended to people’s gardens.

IRINA KRAVCHENKOIRINA KRAVCHENKO the Rise of the Red Head from the Ukraine

We meet on of our most darling red heads last New York fashion week at Jourdan Dunn’s charity event. After bumping into this catwalk on and off the runway.   She has grace and elegance when she walks and always kind when she speaks with you.   IRINA KRAVCHENKO isn’t the new girl anymore. This red-headed bombshell is on her game on and off the runway. Like most models she has the hunger to enjoy life and is also on her social media game since day one.  Like with other non atypic types not every casting calls for twho red-heads.

A photographer saw my photo on the Internet and asked me if I wanted to do a shoot with her. I thought ‘why not, I’ll do it for the memories. CR Magazine Interview

The pictures came out so well, that the photographer made an appointment for her to go to a model agency.   She was signed on the spot and the next thing she knew she was going to casting’s in New York for Fashion Week. This young lady had only visited Russia, and didn’t speak a word of English. These days’ conversations with IRINA KRAVCHENKO are easy and filled with laughter.

My first show ever was Alexander Wang and he picked me to open it. After that, my career went crazy. It’s funny because when I was booked for it I didn’t know who he was, so I agreed to do it without realizing what it meant.

002- Milan - SS15 Antonio Marras, défilé, Irina Kravchenko

This only child was on her way to being an interior designer before she caught the fashion bug and hit the catwalk with a smile.  She is what we call an Original Gangsta on the runway and has earned her strips, by breaking the age code of models, believe us this almost thirty model does not look a day of 22! She loves to model because of all the opportunities to travel and see the world. Of course she likes to play dress up for a living, but hopes one day to return to graphic design, settle down and start a family of her own. IRINA KRAVCHENKO, proves that a timeless beauty does have a long career in the model game.


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