Model Crush| New Face Melanie Pebbles Smith Torres

by Nejilka

Photo by Oscar Lindqvist

New Face: Melanie Pebbles Smith Torres

New face Melanie Pebbles Smith Torres from Barcelona, Spain. I had the pleasure to catch up with Barcelona’s finest who’s been on our radar. With her 70’s funky Parisian Chic look she is our Model Crush Monday. Melanie left her home in Barcelona and went to university in London to study fashion marketing. Within two years of studying in London, Melanie was scouted quite a few times. With Melanie’s big innocent eyes, dancer figure, and her fab fro she finally decided to sign with London’s finest M&P. Not only being has Melanie been killing it as a model but also aspires to become an actress. Being only 5’8.5 has already started rocking London and New York.

Full Name: Melanie Pebbles Smith Torres
Where from/background: Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain.

Ethnicity: Spanish and black American
Social Media: @melaniepsmith

Mother Agency: M&P
Agency: M&P London, APM New York
City Based In: London

SC: What was your first memory of fashion?

Melanie: Most of my mum’s friends were in the industry so I’ve kind of always been around it. I remember attending my first show, Sita Murt, when I was around 11.

SC: How were you discovered?

Melanie: I’ve been scouted a few times until I actually went fully for it, but the first time I got to sign with an agency was through Instagram.

SC: What has been your favourite modelling career moment so far?

Melanie: I really haven’t had “bad” moments yet so far, every job I’ve worked I’ve enjoyed and met great people, they’re always so sweet to me. But if I really had to choose I guess I’d say the time I shot with two of my closest friends for Hunger, that was so much fun. Also walking for Marques Almeida was beautiful, I love them. And of course filming “one night” music video… easiest and most organic job I’ve done so far with the best results.

Photo taken from Vogue / Marques Almeida A/W 17

SC: What is your signature feature?

Melanie: The eyes? The fro?

SC: Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

Melanie: I use Snapchat as a journal, since I can save videos online, and stories to show my view of my day to day.

SC: Who is your dream designer to walk or work for?

Melanie: Marni, Prada, Valentino, Erdem, Vivienne Westwood, Margiela, Saint Laurent, JW Anderson, Rick Owens, Études, Yohji Yamamoto…

Photo by Danny Kasirye, Makeup by Gabriella Floyd, Styling by Ellys Tayler

SC: What is your must have on the road beauty product?

Melanie: Egyptian beauty is my absolute favourite, you can use it as a hair serum, lip balm, face and body cream… Specially good if you have any type of dermatitis.

SC: What are you up to when you’re not modelling?

Melanie: I spend a lot of time with my friends just not doing much but talking and listening to music, taking pictures, painting. I spend lots of time alone too, just reading and writing. You really get to love your own company while working this job. Dance is my biggest passion too.

Photo by Danny Kasirye, Makeup by Gabriella Floyd, Styling by Ellys Tayler

SC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Melanie: I would like to see myself in the movies more than magazines, creating more than being the object of creation too. Maybe in NYC? And probably with one foot on trying to create a family. You never know really…

SC: What model do you look up to?

Melanie: I love and admire beauty extremely but don’t really look up to none.

Photo by Danny Kasirye, Makeup by Gabriella Floyd, Styling by Ellys Tayler

SC: What would you change about the modelling game?

Melanie: So many things I wouldn’t know where to start. But to be honest, if we do change what we dislike from certain industries, would it really be the same? Every industry falls from their own facts and standards. We do need more diversity and respect towards people’s minds and bodies, but that also needs to come within ourself and  whoever wants to be part of it needs to understand where they’re  putting  themselves at. I would not like to block someone’s creativity or self expression by imposing rules to it. I think everything will naturally and gradually end up fitting everyone’s needs if we keep being conscious about what we are doing and the consequences of it.

SC: What are you listening to right now?

Melanie: Tame impala


SC: If I were a casting agent why should I book you?

Melanie: I always try to talk to the team before we get to work and try to visualise their idea, making it mine too. I think good connection is essential to execute it right. Plus you’ll get an always happy model on set.

SC: Runway or Commercial?

Melanie: Both!!

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